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Subj: Re: Let's clarify with some scans
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    Its quite hilarious you think its inconsequential. Why didn't Source did it then?

The Source didn't cheap shot Darkseid, and it was meaningless as it didn't affect Darkseid at all as he one-shot Superman right after.



        You've already lost all credibility in this thread with the way you twist the truth. Thor was never knocked out when he attacked Galactus. Silver Surfer strikes Thor a second after Thor hit Galactus and Surfer knocks Thor from Earth all the way to Mars. That even hurts Surfer but Thor says, "I didn't feel a thing."

    Thor was nearly knocked out and limp on the very next page.

Nope. How could Thor be nearly knocked out, immediately get hit by the Surfer from Earth to Mars, and then get up like nothing happened? You're basically saying to believe you over our lying eyes:


      Superman can't beat Death when Superman was beaten to death by Doomsday. Heck, a gas station explosion knocked him out during that story.

    Ah lowballing? Thor was almost killed and put into coma by a ship mast falling on his head too. Guess Galactus hits less hard than a ship mast.

Ship's masts can weigh around 30 tons and it was a sucker shot. In that same issue, Thor withstands the weight of a score of planets. That's a lot better than Superman getting knocked out by a 14-year old telekinetic.



        But Krona's durability sure was low.

    That's not what Galactus said.

First, Galactus didn't even attack Krona. Second, that was a very different Krona.

    So yeah, Galactus is nothing but a skyfather level being. Glad you agree.

Skyfather level beings can have universal level impact. Dormammu, who has stated he is Odin's equal, has defeated Eternity.




          You really don't remember the point of this line of argument, do you? You said that "silver age Galactus wasn't worth crap." Stan Lee envisioning Galactus as metaphorically, not literally, representing God in fighting the Fantastic Four shows that you're the one who is full of crap. Odin and the Watcher being nearly as powerful has no bearing on that. They were the most powerful beings in Marvel then.

        Yes, Galactus was supposed to be very powerful but in practice he was never that powerful.

    Thor was never able to beat Odin or Watcher for example.

Thor has never fought the Watcher, and Thor is not going to go all out against Odin for obvious reasons. We don't know what would happen if Thor godblasted either of them.


      Yes, you think Galactus, who destroyed 3 star systems with a single blast in Annihilation is a "puny feeb."

    Yeah, when he was amped on the power of several planets and was totally drained after that? Yes, puny feeb.

Galactus got back the power that was stolen from him, not the power of several planets.


      If that's the case, what does that make Darkseid? Here Galactus no-sells Darkseid's most powerful attack. The omega beams do absolutely nothing to Galactus and Galactus then chumps Darkseid, and this is a hungry Galactus too. Perhaps Superman's toughest foe is nothing to Galactus.]]

    Totally non canon as the comic shows Galactus being fro the same universe as Apokolips. Let's see how Galactus does vs an actual skyfather level being from DC.

It's as canon as JLA/Avengers. But oh, I forgot, you cherry pick all your evidence.



        Heh, when Galactus can destroy a planet by just a finger flick, do let me know.

      As I noted, a weakened Galactus destroyed 3 star systems in Annihilation with one blast:

      When Galactus was retrofitted with the tech Thanos devised to weaponize him, the 'bleeding' was stopped/siphoned into the machine, but his armor was still in a state of disarray: 

      Furthermore, it was outright stated that Galactus was starving whilst being used to Annihilus' whim, as he was only being fed "a trickle" of cosmic power--just enough to keep him alive:

      And all of the cosmic power from the planets he destroyed was being siphoned into the canisters:
      (Essentially those canisters contained the energies of numerous worlds.)

      That being said, when Galactus first awoke from his imprisonment, he still looked like complete shit:

      But when we next see Galactus, he looks very healthy(his armor and injuries are repaired), and the cosmic energy canisters are circling him:

    Galactus was amped from the power of several planets.

Nope. He only got back his original power.

    And Thor doesn't takes mortars very well. Forget nukes.

Yes, Thor's had low showings, but nothing as low as this:

How to make an entrance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfMiOlIUGQw
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