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Subj: Re: Let's clarify with some scans
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          You've already lost all credibility in this thread with the way you twist the truth. Thor was never knocked out when he attacked Galactus. Silver Surfer strikes Thor a second after Thor hit Galactus and Surfer knocks Thor from Earth all the way to Mars. That even hurts Surfer but Thor says, "I didn't feel a thing."
        Thor was nearly knocked out and limp on the very next page.
      Nope. How could Thor be nearly knocked out, immediately get hit by the Surfer from Earth to Mars, and then get up like nothing happened? You're basically saying to believe you over our lying eyes:

    Yeah, now you are just lying. Guess this did not happen where Thor is shown as floating in space in a limp position.

See that red and silver line in the bottom panel? That's the Silver Surfer striking Thor so hard that they land on Mars in the scan above. When they land, Thor is not hurt at all. There is no way Thor was unconscious, got hit by the Surfer an interplanetary distance, and then got up as if nothing happened. So basically, you're flat out wrong.


      Ship's masts can weigh around 30 tons and it was a sucker shot. In that same issue, Thor withstands the weight of a score of planets.
    So 30 tons log can put Thor into coma and somehow he can withstands planets? And that log was not that big or heavy drawn.

You are so misleading. Thor is never in a coma. The next time we see Thor, he's in Asgard awake and saying, "I am well." Also, comics show a wide range of feats based on the needs of the story so Thor can be hurt by a ship's mast and endure the weight of a score of planets. They are comics!

    Heh, it really isn't. Thor was also koed by some random goon throwing a stone at his head.

It's a sucker shot from behind.


      First, Galactus didn't even attack Krona. Second, that was a very different Krona.
    Yeah, Galactus was too busy getting his ass kicked.

Typical troll response that totally ignores context.


      Skyfather level beings can have universal level impact. Dormammu, who has stated he is Odin's equal, has defeated Eternity.
    Dormammu only defeated Eternity by a plot device. He is also the punching bag of Dr. Strange.

So what was the plot device Dormammu used?



        Thor was never able to beat Odin or Watcher for example.
      Thor has never fought the Watcher, and Thor is not going to go all out against Odin for obvious reasons. We don't know what would happen if Thor godblasted either of them.
    Thor has godblasted Exitar, Juggernaut, Surtur and Ymir. None of them fled from it like the puny Galactus did.

Thor has not godblasted Surtur and Ymir. Thor was in a weakened state when he used it against Juggernaut. And Exitar is probably the most physically powerful being in the Marvel Universe. Again you totally ignore context and use as your reasoning that Thor never beat the Watcher when they have never even fought! What kind of nonsense is that?


      Yes, Thor's had low showings, but nothing as low as this:

    Magic weakness in play.

There's no magic weakness in play there. Superman just got punched out by a werewolf, stripped naked, and was totally humiliated.

How to make an entrance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfMiOlIUGQw
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