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      Wow, you're making this too easy. At this point in time Vixen's powers are on the fritz and she is powerless unless she draws on power from elsewhere. She's held captive by the Injustice League and not around to draw on Superman's power when he's ko'd by Dr. Light. However, once Batman has freed her, he's right there and she can draw on his power again right as the Justice League goes into battle against the Injustice Society.
    Uh, what? She was draining his power right from the time she was on the league. Here is her draining his power and Superman gets weakened further by Parasite draining her.
Right, when she is right next to Superman. That just proves my point. But when Superman attacks Dr. Light, Vixen is nowhere around. You think Vixen can draw on anyone's power from anywhere at any time? Her powers don't work that way. Batman frees her and the rest of the League. They fight the Injustice League for a while during which time she can draw on Superman's power again, then she gives it back.


      The author himself, Priest, stated it wasn't a normal bullet from a normal gun. He wrote, "It was written as a BIG-A*S KIRBY GUN. A normal gun could not have done this."
    That doesn't means it was a special bullet made for Thor especially.

Whether is was a special bullet or a special gun, it's just semantics at this point. Priest clearly stated that a normal gun couldn't hurt Thor this way. Hence, Thor is bulletproof.


      Wow. Now you're posting evidence that hurts your own argument. Thor states, "E'en such powerful bullets do no more than raise troublesome welts upon Asgardian flesh." Your whole point is that Thor is not bulletproof and now here is direct evidence that fighter jet bullets "do no more" than show up as welts. Fighter jet bullets are as powerful as bullets get, so clearly Thor is not only bulletproof to the most powerful bullets, he's bulletproof to ordinary bullets, which are far, far less powerful.
    Thor is not bulletproof if bullets can make welts on his skin. You don't see Superman complaining that bullets make welts on his skin.

Superman probably is more durable than Thor in hard durability, but the debate is about whether Thor is bulletproof. If massive rounds from fighter jets only cause welts, then regular bullets are nothing in comparison. So you're wrong.

    And that's just one writer. Stan Lee himself showed Thor getting knocked out by mortar shells and being endangered by bullets.

The mortar shell is a low showing for Thor, but Stan Lee has never shown Thor being hurt by bullets. He's also written that Thor can't even be injured by an atomic blast, and when Thor was caught in an atomic blast while fighting the Hulk, he wasn't bothered by it.


      Misleading again. Superman did not beat Emperor Joker. Emperor Joker beat Superman easily.
    Superman defeated Joker in the end, didn't he?

Joker lost in the end, but not because Superman overpowered him in any way, shape, or form. You want to cite this as Superman physically beating Joker when Joker's recognition of his own mental illness beat himself. Really? At the same time, you say a powered-up Thor straight up beating a powered-up Thanos doesn't count as a win for Thor. Talk about double standards.

Again, another non-feat that is irrelevant to the character being attacked.


      When did Superman fight Gaea?


Holy smokes! Gaia is not even in that comic. That's Ra's al Ghul!


      Like the merged Hulk didn't get angry as easily as Savage Hulk and both Hulks' strength increase with anger level. You can see this throughout the runs of both of them.
    That's not a proof. That's just your opinion.

There are far more numerous instances when Savage Hulk's strength noticeably increased than merged Hulk's doing the same: vs. the Abomination, Galaxy Master, the Stranger, and when his thunderclap "ripped asunder" a pocket dimension.



        He was merely stunned there and later restrained Thor in a bear hug as well.
      You're hilarious! The very next panel is Man-Wolf saying, "The Bi-Beast has fallen! I can't fight both of you alone!" while Thor is standing over Bi-Beasts limp body. Everyone who has Thor #316, please turn to the last page of the issue and you can see Bi-Beast is STILL unconscious with Thor carrying off his limp body.
    Yes, he was stunned after an issue worth of fight with both Iron Man and Thor. To think he was beaten by Thor's single hit is hilarious. But go ahead and pretend it is that.

I didn't say Thor beat him with a single blow. I said as soon as Thor stopped holding back, he beat Bi-Beast. You're completely and utterly wrong that Bi-Beast ever gets back up in the issue to bear hug Thor. Bi-Beast is knocked out here and then Man Wolf gets in a craft to try to escape. Thor and Iron Man blast it out of the sky and go search for Man Wolf's body, don't find it, return to Bi-Beast and lug him off, still unconscious. You call that being merely "stunned"? Hah!

    Space cheese is irrelevant. Pak's Hulk before WWH didn't show anything which goes above other hulks.

Holding a planet's tectonic plates together is an extremely high end feat for any Hulk.

    Yes, he punched Superman from behind but its not a sucker punch. He says "You are forcing me to go rough here" but its still olding back.

Billy's version of getting rough is not going all out.

    He didn't HAVE to fly off. He had Cap at his mercy and left because it was day time and Cap was said to be lucky to alive.

Exactly, it was day time so he had to fly off so CM didn't lose. He was hurt badly in the fight, but he was clearly holding back in the fight too. Eclipso Superman wasn't.




          There you go twisting things again. The narration clearly indicates they are evenly matched, "Terrible, irresistible strength struggles against unrelenting, immovable muscle! A power born of the stars opposes an immortal force," and calls it a "titanic duel." Of course your interpretation totally belies that.
        And where does it calls it even? That was just flowery dialog you know, right?
      You have an excuse for everything. Irresistible vs. unrelenting and immovable is even!
    Yes, but not even as you said. Thor vs Kurse was said the same way and we all know that Kurse is stronger than Thor.

Thor vs. Kurse was not the same way. The Beyonder kept enhancing Kurse's strength so it was made clear the Kurse was stronger than Thor. If one side is "irresistible" and the other side is "unrelenting and immovable" that means they are even.


      You get caught up in all this meaningless minutiae. As Thor himself noted, he was holding back against Gladiator in their first fight. Once he stopped holding back, Gladiator was beaten. Keeping spinning all you want, but what it comes down to are Gladiator's own words admitting defeat, "I did my best, but he's too strong."
    Thor didn't hold back his durability. And when he cut loose he didn't ko Gladiator either. Tarene did.

What does "Thor didn't hold back his durability" even mean? Speak English, man. Gladiator was all but knocked out with his face in the dirt. And you refuse to acknowledge that right after the fight, Gladiator said, "I did my best, but he's too strong."

    Too strong to kill. Not too strong to KO in two punches.

What kind of play on semantics is that? If you can beat someone, you can kill that someone. Gladiator attacked Thor out of the blue, and Thor was holding back. Once Thor stopped holding back, Gladiator was down with his face in the dirt and then he admitted Thor was too strong for him.


      Because you don't know how to read and interpret as we've learned over and over in this thread. Also, you know Thor was fighting a powered-up Hulk and a powered-up Thing at the same time. The powered-up Thing had beaten Red Hulk in a previous issue. And this Hulk's power "was greatly elevated." Yet Thor beat Thing and knocked Hulk to the other side of the Earth.
    Yeah, yeah, we know that Thor was fighting both. It was good feat for him but him admitting he could never beat Hulk wasn't for an amped Hulk.

Right after that, Thor said, "Did you now?" to Hulk believing that to be true. That directly contradicts Thor's sarcastic statement to lure Hulk in.

    Heh, that statement wasn't for amped Hulk, no matter how you spin it.

"Hulk's power is greatly elevated," and that statement isn't for amped Hulk? Stop sniffing the paint thinner. This Dracula story is a tie-in to Fear Itself with Hulk landing on Dracula's turf right after Thor knocked him half way around the world. So yes, this statement specifically applies to Nul.

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