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Subj: Re: Yeah, from memory I thought pretty comparable,but I really need to rewatch to see
Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 at 01:09:18 am EST (Viewed 285 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Yeah, from memory I thought pretty comparable,but I really need to rewatch to see
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      Allow me to preempt all the naysayers by saying it was actually a Thor/Ironman combo attack. Ironman capped the other end so the "atomic action" from Thor's hammer strike would double back on itself. As Thor was at ground zero when the city was incinerated, and seemed no worse for wear from said detonation, I actually think it was a more favorable showing than when Superman was hit by the nuke in Batman vs Superman. That explosion appeared to have Superman on death's door, until the sun healed him anew.


        Obviously interpretation is subjective, as the magnitude of both events were never specifically quantified, but I think the visual evidence suggests that both events were more comparable than incomparable.

    Yep. Iron Man's heat seal basically contains Thor's strike so that all the force involved would vaporize the city instead of continually expanding outward, which would have left big chunks of the city coming down. That level of destruction was massive. Thor's strike though was not unprecedented. Thor also destroyed a huge section of Jotunheim in his first movie.

LMAO. Did you even hear what Iron Man said? The heat seal was to protect everybody on the city otherwise Thor would have been incinerated as well.

    FRIDAY: The anti-gravs are rigged to flip.Touch them, they'll go full reverse thrust.
    The city's not coming down slow.
    STark : Spire is vibranium.If I get Thor to hit it...
    FRIDAY : It will crack. That's not enough.The impact would still be devastating.
    STARK: Maybe if we can cap the other end. Keep the atomic action doubling back. 
    FRIDAY: That could vaporise the city & everyone on it..
    STARK : I got it. Create a heat seal.I could...I could supercharge the spire from below.
    FRIDAY Running numbers
    FRIDAY : A heat seal could work with enough power.
    STARK: Thor, I got a plan.
    THOR : We're out of time.

Thor's hit was contained in the heat seal created by Tony.

    For comparison, Superman couldn't hold up one tower of an oil rig in Man of Steel and then was knocked out by it:

And a nuke was about to kill everyone in Avengers including Hulk and Thor.

    So if anything, high-end Marvel cinematic feats surpass DC cinematic feats. The amount of damage the characters take and deliver in the Hulk-Iron Man fight is as significant as that in the Superman-Zod fight.

Haha no, did you even watch both movies with anything remotely like a brain in between your ears?