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    I feel the same way. Aside from Bruce Banner as the Hulk, I'm ok with Jen as She-Hulk. But beyond that, do we really need a Red Hulk, Doc Samson and the others? No. Too many Hulks.

    Do we really need TWO sons of Wolverine with similar powers? Do we really need a literal clone who is a girl?! No, we don't. Too many Wolverines.

    Too many characters who are "clones" of Jean Grey (not actual clones but close enough IMO). Aside from Jean we have Rachel Summers and...the evil version too (Dark Phoenix). And didn't Jean end up an actual clone at some point? Too many Jean Grey's.

    Then we have Superman. Ok, I'm cool with that. But then there's Superboy and Supergirl. Ok, fine. Ah, but then we have General Zod, Non, Faora and Bizarro. Fine, they are part of Superman's rogues gallery. But then we have Cyborg Superman, Eradicator, Kenan Kong, Krypto and Lana Lang as Superwoman. Really? Do we really need those extras? No. Too many Supermen.

    I'd get rid of Eradicator (or alter his powers and costume at least), kill off Kenan Kong, Krypto and strip Superwoman's powers from her. Sorry, but Lana Lang is better off as just a regular human as she has been for decades not as a Super-Hero.

    Aside from Hal, we have Alan Scott who started it all. But then we have John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Simon Baz, Jessica Cruz and Kyle the Alley Rat. Do we really need so many Earth humans as Green Lanterns? No, we don't. Yes, I am fully aware each of the characters I mentioned have their respective fan bases, but so many GL's from Earth (if you think about it) is pretty ridiculous. Too many human Green Lanterns.

    And this is how I would go about fixing things. I'd restore Alan Scott to the way he was before the New 52 reboot. I'd keep Hal as the main Green Lantern. John Stewart would be Hal's back up and maybe I'd keep him as the leader of the GLC, he's good at that. Guy would become a Vuldarian again and be "The Warrior" as he was a far more unique character that way. Simon and Jessica would not be a GL at all. As for Kyle, I'd make him Ion again but no more powerful than an ordinary GL.

    There. Problem solved.

    And the list goes on and on...

    Too many "clones" really ruins any unique take on the original IMO.

I agree with all but the Eradicator (I like Superboy too). The Eradicator is a unique being (Pre-52). Sure he has Superman like powers, but he has more also. The Krypton-man story was one of my favorites, along with its follow up where he took on a "humanoid" form for the first time. It kind of went down hill after the Death of Superman though, but I believe he is a unique "newer-ish" (created after Crisis and there for not connected to Pre-crisis rogues) villian for Superman.

At some points, the derivative characters start to detract....Superman was the last survivor, then there was Supergirl, some villains I get it....but too much, and it crosses a line

I didn't mind the Abomination....I do like that they retconned the Sasquatch thing...for a while it seemed like every new strongman had to be gamma powered....but it happens sporadically...someone opens the door...the Leader, OK when created, Abomination, She Hulk, Rick Jones....hmmm....lets start thinking twice about this, we're getting a lot of gamma guys out it dies down for a few years...then the Leader creates his large group of gamma creations....a few more show up under PAD....a few more years, now all of a sudden, you have A Bomb, multiple Red Hulks, Amadeus Cho Hulk, you've got ALL those guys still out there, its too much IMO.