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Subj: Re: Odin vs Darkseid/Highfather comparison
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This thread is just for comparisons between Odin and Darkseid/Highfather since both are essentially equal in power (alpha to omega) as it seems

First lets see their raw power. Odin destroys galaxies against Infinity (Which was later retconned as being amped by abstract Infinity).

Darkseid and Highfather destroy the source wall which encircles the whole universe and is nigh impenetrable.

Odin once again shows galactic level power against Foresung.

Darkseid and Highfather each provide 1/5th power to destroy an entire universe.

Odin shows galactic power against Seth and banishes him to his realm as he couldn't kill him.

Scott Free with a portion of Highfather's alpha powers banishes Black Racer (an abstract version of Death) to his realm. He tries to attack Highfather in the very next page who casually blocks his attacks.

Odin died powering a planet for a few weeks.

While Darkseid just reanimating a statue for a second spends more power than Apokolips spends in an entire year.

There are other comparisons as well. I will try to catalog them in the next post.

Comments are welcome.

This is the main argument for Odin being above Darkseid/Highfather comes from. Let's see how that turns out.

Thor vs Sigriend with the entire power of Odin from Thor 127. Thor's power was halved in the previous issue and he was easily beaten by Hercules.

Thor was beaten but he was weakened.

Thor vs Odin (possessed by Infinity which amped him). Odin is bloodlusted.

Thor is unharmed and escapes.

Thor vs Odin again when Odin is brainwashed by egyptian gods from Thor 241. Thor withstands Odin trying to kill him after he chose not to fight back.

Thor and Warriors three vs living embodiment of Odinpower from Thor 263. It looked beyond Thor but no more than teambuster.

Thor vs Odin again from Thor 291-292. Odin koes Thor with a bit of struggle. Thor overpowers him in raw strength test though.

Thor vs Snow Giant (Who Odin could not beat even after weeks of struggle until he took him to a place of no snow) from Thor 308. He is hilariously beaten by a gas mainline.

Masterson Thor vs Heimdall with the power of Odin. It is mistakenly stated that Heimdall only had a portion of Odin's power. In fact Odin gave him all his power in Thor 426. This is the best showing Odin power has against Thor level beings.

Masterson Thor vs Annihilus with a portion of Odin's power. Pretty evenly matched.

Masterson Thor vs Heimdall with a portion of Odinpower as Odin had awakened. They look evenly matched again.

Masterson Thor vs Loki in Odin's body. Masterson's strength is halved by Karnilla a few issues ago. This is easily comparable to Darkseid's showing in Apokolips now. Loki pounds away on a weakened Masterson Thor for five pages straight but can't ko him. Masterson stuns Loki with one hammer shot and swells Odin's remaining eye shut. In fairness Loki says he does not has Odin's full power.

Thor vs Odin in destroyer armor and Odinsword from Thor: Man of War. Thor gets humbled again but after a fair bit of fight.

A young Thor vs Odin (In guise of Orlog) from Breaking into Comics Marvel Way 2. Thor defeats Odin.

Thor vs Odin again from fear itself.

The now infamous Jane Thor vs Odin from Mighty Thor 5.

So all in all, Odin looks above Thor quite a bit but not so above Thor can't give him a fight and Odin can just oneshot him.

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