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Subj: Re: Ultimates 100 Spoilers
Posted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 at 06:25:41 pm EDT (Viewed 399 times)
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    Galactus admits he can't breach the shield around Earth from Secret Empire.

As I had pointed out, this was already inferred from a previous issue of the Ultimates, so I'm not surprised. Interestingly though, given how effective Blue Marvel, Hyperion, Jane Thor, Spectrum, and Star Brand were against the shield, Marvel has quantified Galactus' power level relative to them. Galactus' limit would indicate he's somewhere around 20-30 times as powerful as an average one of those heroes. Of course there's another instance in which an alternate reality Galactus was downed by over 100 Earth heroes, virtually all of whom perished in the fight. That one is harder to quantify though because we don't know who all those heroes were.

    Tiger God manhandles Logos and fifth host of celsstials destroy dark celestials.

"Tiger God Manhandles" is an interesting interpretation because the actual text says that it's Black Panther's power, not the Tiger God's, and what Black Panther is doing is an act of will in a realm of metaphor-he's not fighting Logos so much as freeing Chaos, Order, and the In-Betweener from it, and they seem glad to escape. The circumstances make it difficult to quantify this "fight" in battleboard terms. Galactus seems to think what Black Panther does is impossible.

    This firmly reestablishes that Galactus is in skyfather range of power.

Galactus has always been in the high-end skyfather range and only higher when fully fed. You probably mean to diminish Galactus with this statement, but high-end skyfathers are near universal level in power. Dormammu and Umar together, for example, have beaten Eternity. Surtur with the Twilight Sword is a universal threat. Odin's fight with Seth threatened the entire universe.

One interesting fight you didn't mention is that Blue Marvel impressively one-shots Ultimate Hulk.

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