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Subj: Re: This Looks Sounds Good, But I Have A Few Questions.
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Reply Subj: Ultimates 100 Spoilers
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Galactus admits he can't breach the shield around Earth from Secret Empire.

Tiger God manhandles Logos and fifth host of celsstials destroy dark celestials.

This firmly reestablishes that Galactus is in skyfather range of power.

What's going on with The High Evolutionary (I know that he was in the prior issue.)? How many Celestials are left now? I know that The Beyonder killed pretty much all of them pre Secret Wars. Where does The Panther God rank Now? It sounds like he can be a serious contender (This is that Bast cat dude, right?). Is the In-Betweener back (I hope so.)? It sounds a little bit strange that Oblivion wouldn't be involved in this. I will have to check this out. Thanks.