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      Spencer did not write anything in the comic that states the shield is still at full power after the null bomb. You just made that up like you do all the time on this board.

    When the shield was weakened he stated it pretty clearly previously. Here it wasn't shown, Ergo the shield wasn't weakened.

Wow! That's all you got? I'm flabbergasted at your lack of understanding of what went on in the comic. So Spencer devotes four pages on Rocket developing this ultra-powerful null bomb, and your conclusion is that it does absolutely nothing to the shield. We saw that five heroes could blast the shield and bring it down by 7%, but the null bomb does nothing? Okay, but like I said, you have no credibility after this.


      So anyone who has some rest can double their maximum power? Nice try.

    According to the comic, apparently yes.

    I don't have to convince you to prove it.

See, this just goes to show that you pick and choose your evidence. Carol says something and you want to believe it's true so it's true to you. When Silver Surfer, Dr. Strange, and Jean Grey say something about their direct observations, you dismiss it as hyperbole even though absolutely nothing in the issue indicates that is so and everything in the issue supports their statements as literal. In Secret Empire, Carol's statement clearly makes no sense, but you want to believe it, while the issues presents a perfectly reasonable explanation for how Quasar got through the shield when Quasar couldn't even get close before - a gigantic null bomb hit the shield just moments before!


      Galactus got punked by the equivalent of the Living Tribunal. Real surprise. I'm sure you just thrilled.

    So Tiger God or Black Panther are above LT?

No. I didn't want to have to spell it out for you because I wanted people to read the issue and understand it on their own. There is pleasure from figuring out Ewings' riddles. But clearly you can't. So the issue opens with narration by The One Above All. If you've read other appearances by TOAA in Marvel Comics like Fantastic Four #511 or the Eternals series, you'll realize that Marvel writers use TOAA as a metaphor for themselves. On more than one occasion, TOAA has taken the appearance of Jack Kirby just in case you didn't get the metaphor. Of course it makes perfect sense that the writers are TOAA because they are all powerful in making their fictional world adhere to anything they want it to. So what does TOAA say here? "I see through many eyes. I build with MANY HANDS. They are themselves, but THEY ARE ALSO ME. I AM ALL-POWERFUL. My only weapon is love. The mystery intrigues me." Note where I put the emphasis. So Black Panther grabs Logos and pulls Logos apart and frees its component entities. At this moment, Galactus states, "This cannot be and yet if humanity can prevail where primal aspects fail and fall, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE." So how can Black Panther do something that Galactus can't? Because "all things are possible" in this world of fiction. It's the nature of fiction, but especially when this fiction is controlled by an all-powerful One Above All, one who builds "with many hands," in this case Black Panther's. "They are also me." TOAA is Black Panther here. "I am all-powerful," hence "all things are possible." Get it now? Just like you seem to want to ignore the null bomb entirely, you seem to want to read this issue and avoid the implications of the very first page, which is there for a very good reason.

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