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Subj: Re: Rank in terms of hard durability
Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 at 01:27:47 pm EDT (Viewed 395 times)
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    Naw, I just don't share your opinion. *insert Debbie Downer noise here* I like the character, but what was asked for in the thread was hard durability, not stamina, not how much of a beating he can take. I take that to mean simply how tough his outer hide/exterior is and/or his resistance to injury. The Hulk is a great example of this. Classically he could take hits from powerful opponents and you rarely saw him bleed....then the healing factor retcon came in and he was seen getting injured and bleeding much more frequently, but healing extremely fast, especially during the PAD years. Thor has shown he can take a beating, but his skin has also been penetrated by a bullet. On the other hand he's also been shown to be bulletproof on several occasions as well. Classically he was often seen deflecting bullets with Mjolnir, one time saying "luckily I can deflect the shells with my enchanted mallet before they can strike me", implying bullets might hurt him to some degree. More often than not I'd say Thor is bullet proof or at least bullet resistant. However, the fact that it can even be called into question shows that his hard durability should not put him high on this list.

Oliva: Listen up, I do not follow things that do not make any sense at all, but if you want to- then that's your business. If someone like the Hulk or Durok that could so easily penetrate the armor of Tanks with a simple soft blow, what do you think it would happen to Thor if he was just bullet resistant? Thor would suffer severe life threatening wounds (as a result), and the bleeding wouldn't be stopping any time soon- that's what would really happen. Moreover, Thor's been hit very hard by the likes of a no holding back Gladiator and Hyperion at super-speed no less with no life threatening trauma or blood to show. Thor also has been hit by Heat seeking missiles that could obliterate Airplanes and Tanks with no effect on his person whatsoever. Finally, Thor resisted the explosion of a Doomsday Bomb that could literally destroy an entire Planet, and, subsequently, fell from orbit and SURVIVE!!! Do you think that if Thor was bullet resistant that he would've survive the intense friction upon entering the Planet's atmosphere?

It is not about stamina or the ability to take punishment that would make someone like Thor invulnerable or able to resist such unreal and unimaginable punishment w/o bleeding, etc., but a pretty tough and Hard durability factor that seems to be at work; if not Thor would've not survived none of the most powerful physical blows he has received throughout his illustrious career. Thus, for Thor to have easily survived such lethal attacks, he must have a high degree of Invulnerability.

It's clear we have a different opinion on hard durability. Thor can take punishment, but his skin is not as tough as many of the others on this list. Like I said he's also been hurt by a bullet, though it's more the exception than the rule. Even still, you likely wouldn't see that from many others on this list. Again I think classic Hulk and modern Hulk are perfect examples of differences in hard durability. We disagree on this, no big thing, but ditch the petulant attitude.

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