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Subj: Re: Why? They do as they should - have Hulk do Hulk things in Hulk stories.
Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 at 11:49:59 pm EDT (Viewed 229 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Why? They do as they should - have Hulk do Hulk things in Hulk stories.
Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 at 05:53:12 pm EDT (Viewed 231 times)

I think what 123 is saying is that, like a horror movie, they *gave* a reason for what they did. It just wasn't a good reason. I agree with both of you guys. I think it's ridiculous that they managed to have every single Marvel character decide to fist fight the king of punching. But I also agree with you that it's a Hulk story.

Yes, Strange could open a dimensional portal under Hulk from 10 miles away. He could move Hulk to a fake pocket dimension. He could do any one of a thousand things he has done before. Instead he decides he's gonna talk to Hulk. Then he decides to try to out punch Hulk as Zom. It's pretty ridiculous, but yeah, they gotta tell a story.

The "he's our problem" thing doesn't mean anything. Just teleport Hulk to a small moon and then you can try to talk to him all you want. He's not going anywhere.

How many of the heroes made absolutely inane decisions? So so many. But yeah, it's his storyline.

All of that is why I say - I favor Magneto on paper. But in a comic book they're gonna make Magneto do something stupid and Hulk will have a chance to punch him. Cause that's the only way to have a story.

But imagine a smart magneto and a smart WWH. And they go into an arena together. You really think Hulk is going to win that fight? how?


      Those words show exactly how stupid the writing is. If someone was threatening the lives of everyone in New York City it wouldn't matter how many times it happened, Strange would still send him away to protect the innocent people - every time - no question about it.
      If Dormmamu kept coming back threating a few million people Strange wouldn't say, "Well he keeps coming back so I'm not gonna stop him anymore."
      He would do everything he could, as quickly as he could to save innocent people. So why didn't he do against WW Hulk?

    Hulk wasn't threatening the lives of innocent people. He gave a window of non-aggression allowing a full evacuation to avoid civilian casualties.

    Strange didn't decide that he wasn't going to attempt to stop Hulk. He just decided that sending him away to another world to be someone else's problem wasn't a feasible (or responsible) long-term solution.