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Subj: Re: Iron Fist #7: Iron Fist vs. Shang-Chi; plus Superman #30
Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 at 06:40:21 am EDT (Viewed 206 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Iron Fist #7: Iron Fist vs. Shang-Chi; plus Superman #30
Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 at 03:10:04 pm EDT (Viewed 226 times)


      So in Iron Fist #7, Iron Fist fights a mind-controlled Shang-Chi. Interestingly, Iron Fist says that Shang-Chi is probably the only person on the planet who can beat him in a martial arts fight. At first Shang-Chi is winning but Iron Fist is holding back and Danny decides he can't hold back if he's going to survive. Then the battle becomes basically even. After the fight ends when Iron Fist ko's the mind controller, Shang-Chi, who has come to his senses and is not one for bragging, states that he fared the better of the two in the fight. The issue comes pretty close to saying Shang-Chi is the more skilled of the two.

    Has Shang-Chi ever fought Logan?


      In Superman #30, Sinestro fights a Superman possessed by Parallax. He lures Superman/Parallax into a trap where Qward warriors knock him out by throwing their thunderbolts at him. This is a pretty poor showing for either Superman or Parallax, much less the two of them combined. Then, when Parallax leaves Superman's body, Sinestro singlehandedly fights Parallax for hours. I didn't read the previous issue so don't have the full context, but if there were no contingencies, Parallax now looks herald level.

    Definitely a low showing for them both. There's simply no way in the world a Parallax possessed Superman should have fallen so easily. Then Superman can't break out of whatever it was that was restraining him? I was shaking my head at that. Another low showing for someone who is supposed to be strong enough to move the Earth.

    Nah, Parallax ain't a Herald. The way he's being depicted now, he's a Prime Meta at best. If Superman, a herald, can contain Parallax in a ring, if Sinestro can fight Parallax for hours on end, then there's no way Parallax is a herald. He's been de-powered to a Prime Meta because I see no indication he's a herald. He should be well above that, but he's not.

    This writer has no clue on how to write Superman or Parallax.

The entities need a host to exert their power. Without a host, they can be imprisoned.

Thunderers' thunderbolts have long been established as a weakness to Superman rivaling kryptonite. This is exactly how both should be written.

And its a high showing for Sinestro. Not low showing for Parallax.

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