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Subj: Re: Rank in terms of hard durability
Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 at 10:18:06 am EDT (Viewed 275 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Rank in terms of hard durability
Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 at 06:45:08 am EDT (Viewed 301 times)

    Good list but Hulk is pretty low in terms of cutting durability. Even in recent times he has shrugged off adamantium bullets under Waid and under Pak Cho Hulk was taking slashes from OML without much damage until momentum was used to cut him.

The Hulk's resistance to cuts has varied alot over the years; that ranking probably does tend towards the lower showings, although the lower showings have been more prevalent in recent decades than the higher end stuff. Admittedly, I wasn't aware of the two showings you cited. Hulk shrugging off adamantium bullets in particular is quite a surprising showing for him to have in the modern era.

Thor may be a little low too, on reflection. He and Jane have been getting better showings in terms of being bulletproof in recent years.

    Also surfer has one clear showing against Molecule Man where he showed better blunt force durability than Thor. Can't think of any such showing for Thor.

I could see those two being flipped around; they were right next to each other on that list anyway, and those were only rough lists. There're a few other characters I might rank slightly differently on a different day, depending on my mood.