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Subj: I think you underrate her a bit...
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    If one were to measure the strength of Buffy Summers on Marvel's RPG scale, what would it be? Remarkable? Incredible?

Buffy is somewhere in between movie Captain America and his comic book self. Above the 800 lbs (Peak human) mark but below 2,000 lbs. In some episodes, her strength was even below that in some of her low showings.

    I haven't read any of the comics, so I'm just going by the TV show, but the greatest strength feat of hers I can think of is when Dark Willow was coming to kill Jonathan and Andrew who were being held in jail. When Willow arrives, she sees the bars of the cell have been pulled apart wide enough for the guys to escape. We don't see it happen, but Willow says "Buffy", so we know it was her. What Marvel or DC characters does Buffy compare to in strength?

Buffy is a good comparison to comics Captain America more than any other character. And she's comparable to a slightly weaker version of DC's Deathstroke.

    And for that matter, how strong is Angel? We know that slayers are stronger than vampires. Angel has acknowledged that Buffy is stronger than he is. I can't think of any strength feats for him other than being able to trade blows with Buffy, so their strengths can't be too different. Who might he compare to in Marvel or DC?

It was never clarified precisely how strong Angel was. I'd say at least 5-10% weaker than Buffy.

We know vamps are stronger than humans, at least on average.... though I don't think all of them are peak human based on performance against Scoobies....but maybe peak for their body size and musculature....And older more elite vampires in the Cap to 1 ton range

We also know Buffy could​ easily lift the troll hammer one handed and Spike couldn't lift it without maximum effort. She could bend the bars on jail cells as well. Her strength wasn't played up a lot, likely do to budget constraints, but I'd put her in the Beast ballpark.