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Subj: He didn't.
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    Dude, she's struggled to break metal chains on more than one occasion. Chains. And one time a metal chandelier fell on her and it took an entire episode just to get it off of her. She is no where near Beast's strength level. He can lift at least 10 tons and Buffy is no where near that.

Beast is below Spiderman and I believe around class 5 level.

I would estimate Buffy to be class 1 to 2 level, so 'classic' Beast level.

In 1 episode Riley said she was 'Spiderman' level strong, which would be a nod from Whedon. Buffy could fling 200lb guys relatively effortlessly.

Even elite vampires are seen as potentially having trouble with high end streets, Gunn was able to be physically useful with Angel for a lifting feat.

However, it is difficult to match the conceptional level. Riley had low level superhuman strength, but would be easily out-feated by Cap, Batman and Daredevil.

Conceptually, he would probably be seen as Cap level and whilst Buffy is one step up again, she is nowhere near the Spiderman class.

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