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Subj: Beast has ranged from 1-5 tons, except for the brief period where he was stronger, but got less intelligent
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      I would estimate Buffy to be class 1 to 2 level, so 'classic' Beast level.

    Classic Beast level was 1 ton lifting strength. That's about MCU Cap level or at least Steve is close to that considering his feats.

    But on average (probably budget constraints) Buffy simply didn't always display even this level of strength. She was typically portrayed as about 25% weaker than that based on her average, day-to-day, feats. Sure, she has some high end feats, but she has some really low showings too (like with that chandelier falling on her and taking an entire episode to move it off), struggling to break regular chains, etc.

    So, again, Buffy simply isn't as strong as some of you are billing her to be.

Glory survived a hit from a wrecking ball and surviving a building implode on it self (caused by he stamping her feet having a tantrum.

Buffy was able to physically knock her around.

Spike who very barely was able to lift the Troll's hammar and is around peak human strength at worst had Buffy lift the hammar with one arm and she used it without any hindrance.

IIRC she also lifted a gate, where dozens have attempted and has bent steel rifle barrels with ease.

PS - Non hairy McCoy was around class 1, original hairy edition got a slight upgrade and was class 2.

Buffy is likely somewhere in that ballpark.

We KNOW that Vampires are generally stronger than humans, but we also know that humans can fight them off, at least younger, more normal vampires.

We also know that the 'super soldier' types could beat multiple normal vamps, but were probably not going to individually beat the Angel's of the Buffyverse...

So yeah, I think being a vampire gives you a boost, but normal joe schmoe doesn't just become a Cap peer by becoming a vampire...but I think Angel and the other elite vamps probably get into the Cap ballpark, or slightly above, maybe as high as the 1 ton level (but no more than that)

As to Buffy's strength, she's more than 2 X as strong as the Angel and Spike types, as evidenced by the troll hammer incident as well as some of the comments from Angel et. al.

Some Angel feats:

Angel lifts a security gate in a museum that went on lock down....a Conan like feat IMO

Kicks this punching bag so hard that the chain snaps, and it flies to the other side of the room....peak human type showing at least

Angel rips out a Iron grate in the indication it was rusted through, so another decent feat.

Slams guys with enough force to shatter the concrete wall....probably greater than peak human

Smashes a solid stone sculpture to pieces with his least peak human

Angel punches through 6 inches of Plexy Glass with no trouble....greater than peak human

Some Buffy feats

Buffy smashes through a huge chunk of brick wall.

2) Buffy slams this demons head so hard into the mooring post, it splinters to pieces! That is thick as a telephone pole.

3) Buffy jumps up fire escapes with a person in one hand.

4) Faith showing her Slayer strength by smashing through concrete while being heavily injured.

5) Buffy smashes Demon through a brick wall.

6) Buffy kicks another Slayer 50 feet away.

7) Buffy smashes a stone statue with a kick.

8) Buffy bends jail cell bars to get out the nerds when Willow was
coming for them

9) troll hammer lifting

10) in the episode Anne, she lifts a huge gate that the others couldn't budge...hard to quantify

11) she lifted a steel girder easily on a construction site, while two larger men struggled to carry one

for durability
Another Slayer with the Slayer powers is hit by a Semi Truck. No major Damage, just a headache afterwards.

All in all, it varied, but vampires ranged from very strong normal humans to probably up to about 1 ton (maybe a little more), and Buffy was probably somewhere in the 1-5 ton range, but hard to say where in that range.

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