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Subj: Of course he does, but
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Reply Subj: Guess Thor never knew how to use the hammer.
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Thor won’t kill the Hulk because he knows there is an innocent human trapped inside of the Hulk. If Thor wanted to he could kill him very quickly.

Perfect example: Hulk Annual 2001

Thor transports himself and the Hulk to numerous planets so their battle won’t hurt any humans. On one of those other planets, the Hulk can’t breathe, collapses and changes back to Banner.
Thor says, “How easy it would be to let him perish here.” Instead he saves the Hulk and brings him back to Earth. All he had to do was leave him there and the Hulk would’ve been dead.

If he really wanted to, Thor could transport the Hulk anywhere he wants. To Pluto or the Sun and the Hulk would die within seconds.

It’s that simple, but then Marvel would lose a lot of money without one of their most popular characters.