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Subj: Re: Hawk and dove are weird...classically, not very impressive. When they were brought back, not impressive
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Reply Subj: Hawk and dove are weird...classically, not very impressive. When they were brought back, not impressive
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but about halfway through the Kessel run, they bonded with a lord of order and a lord of chaos, and they were VERY impressive for a while...but when they came back about 10 years ago, they seemed to be back at classic levels.

I'm not too sure about the Pre Crisis showings, and thats really the only time the original Dove was around...but the first part of the Kessel run, Hawk was 'listed' in the handbooks as a Beast leveller, but was really written more akin to a member of the wrecking crew Bulldozer or whoever. Dove was faster and more mobile, but more like Captain America strength. Both had healing factors, but not as good as classic Wolverine....

After the powerup, both were more impressive, but Dove was REALLY scary....think of Midnighters implants only better, and coupled with Karnak's ability to sense flaws in anything. Still wasn't very strong, but had true flight...but she could anticipate pretty much anyone short of the Joker and sense every weakness to hurt them. Hawk was a better brick...tougher and more durable...and he was already kind of a Rocky Balboa type...

The new Hawk doesn't seem as impressive as classic Hawk to me, but maybe Dove is on par with classic levels....

BTW the Kessel run was very well written and worth picking up...

Oh, and it never made sense to me how Hawk got powerful enough to become Extant...he was powered up, but still portrayed as more a mid tier brick...

Luke Cage and Iron Fist
Current and pre powerup lose...Cage has too much for Hawk, and I think IF vs. Dove is a very good fight...she's faster, more mobile, and stronger at base, with healing and durability, the IF brings more firepower than she does, and he's a significantly better fighter.

Post powerup until the end of the series, Hawk vs. Cage is competitive and could go either way, and Dove beats IF, then the double team wins.

Black Panther (T'Challa) and Black Panther (Shuri)

I'd like to see the pre powerup Hawk and Dove fight them...depends on what gear is brought...if tech isn't heavily involved, maybe slight edge to Hawk and Dove

Hawkman and Hawkgirl
Which Hawkman? Nth metal packs a lot of punch, I'll say 50/50 classic, the powered up versions of Hawk and Dove win

Hawkeye and Black Widow

Ranged capacity makes this tough for classic, but I think Dawn and Hank win pre powerup

Green Arrow and Black Canary: IMO Green Arrow's ranged capability is more dangerous than Hawkeyes, and Canary is more dangerous than BW...I think classic Hawk and Dove probably have to be the favorites, but I could see an upset happening

Daredevil and Jessica Jones
Against classic Dawn and Hank, another close one, but I'll favor Hawk and Dove...mostly because I can't really nail down how strong Jessica Jones is...IMO Luke Cage has gotten a lot stronger than he was classically, and I'd put him in the ballpark of an Asgardian like Hogun or Baldur, but much more durable. I don't think she's as strong and certainly not as she won't dominate Hawk...

Spiderman (Parker) and Silver Sable
Teenage Spider Man and Sable lose to classic Hawk and Dove, but more current versions of Spider Man, even pre suit win. Spidey would be a solid favorite against either Hawk or Dove classically IMO, and would have a decent shot of beating them both on his own at his best...but post powerup Hand and Don, I think either would beat Spidey 1 on 1, and Dove would do so relatively easily.

Wolverine (Logan) and Beast
Classically, I think this would be a great fight...Hawk and Dove during the early part of the Kessel run. Pretty even. Post powerup, Hawk and Dove would have been the favorites, but with the caveat that Wolverine giving in to his animalistic side could well confound Dawn's predictive ability and beat her...and wolverine at his best is very difficult to beat...but Hawk would be a lot like Sabertooth IMO.

Thanks. I heard about some of those myself, but it's hard to keep the different versions straight.

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