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In light of the recent post about powerful Avengers lineup, what would you have as the lineup if you took over the book.

Please try to take into consideration the following factors:

Marketability: probably need to have at least 1-2 members that will bring readers...guys who have carried solos for a while, or maybe 3 or 4 that carried a solo for a couple years

Power and Versatility: powerful enough to be able to handle pretty
serious threats...but do you want a team so powerful every event
has to be universe threatening?

Cool interactions: characters with interesting history or that you think
would be good to have together

Team size: I think the lineups that are too big take away from the
ability to tell good stories at times. 4 is almost too small for
a team though, so probably need to have 5-10 members.

What would you do?

A classic style team I think would be good:
Black Panther
Spider Man

Moony has some of the best psi when written as she was classically, Vision is powerful but won't invalidate other team members, Hercules has to get up close, but if he does can beat even high end heralds...psi and tech, good range and up close, overall versatile, but can still be challenged if Magneto comes to town or whatever. Not too many X characters, but Storm and BP can bring some readers, as will Spiey.

Joe Fixit Hulk
Monica Rambeau
Ms. Marvel (Kamala)

I grew to despise Wolverine, but he sells books, and I loved him classically. Notably, his interactions with Fixit Hulk classically were some of my favorite issues of any comics. USAgent and Hawkeye have a bad history from the WCA days. Wolverine has a young woman (Kamala) to mentor, something he's good at and that plays to his character well. I like Monica a lot, and she deserves to have a spot. This lineup is versatile, with Monica having very good EP and versatility, good up close fighting, and some weird effects with Starfox. Again, powerful, but not too powerful to be interesting with more 'normal' threats

Sam Wilson
Luke Cage
Ant Man (Lang)
Miles Morales

Not the most powerful group, though Wiccan is impressive, even the young Nova can be pretty good, and Justice has some good showings as well...large numbers and versatile group, and I like the idea of bringing a pretty impressive Asgardian into the group. This one doesn't have a lot of the classic characters, and the idea is that you have some classic secondary Avengers like Sam, Stingray, and Justice (Firebird to a lesser degree) stepping up to take the lead for a new, younger group, and Luke Cage has now been an Avenger off and on enough to have some credibility.

Captain America
Iron Fist
Thor Girl (Tarene)
New Quasar

I like the idea here, but probably need to find someone else...the idea is a few veteran, very capable members like Cap, Wasp, IF, etc...but that tend to be on the lower power scale...then a couple of really powerful but inexperienced and somewhat ineffective characters like Tarene, or a new Quasar with no experience...they have the power to take on major threats, but are going to struggle because the big guns don't really have the power to do so effectively.