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Subj: Ok my Dream Team
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In light of the recent post about powerful Avengers lineup, what would you have as the lineup if you took over the book.

Please try to take into consideration the following factors:

Marketability: probably need to have at least 1-2 members that will bring readers...guys who have carried solos for a while, or maybe 3 or 4 that carried a solo for a couple years

Power and Versatility: powerful enough to be able to handle pretty
serious threats...but do you want a team so powerful every event
has to be universe threatening?

Cool interactions: characters with interesting history or that you think
would be good to have together

Team size: I think the lineups that are too big take away from the
ability to tell good stories at times. 4 is almost too small for
a team though, so probably need to have 5-10 members.

What would you do?

Iron Man (Tony Stark) - Overall Leader. Brains-Tactics-Charisma-and quite powerful providing the resources the team needs.

The Enchantress (Amora) - A goddess-the Magic-redeemable villain-quite a powerhouse if not quite on Thors level

The Falcon (Anthony Mackie Movie Sam Wilson / Falcon) - Streetwise-military connections-combat tactician-heart of gold who could help keep the team grounded and down to earth

...this kinda gives me my big 3...I always was more interested in the versions that have the big 3 in them...

Jean Grey - Telepath/Telekinetic-mutant connections to Xavier & X-men-connections to cosmic and interstellar Phoenix/Shiar etc...-very good team player

Nico Minoru - The young Avenger that will bring a different prospective to events - great potential interaction with Amora - a wildcard of power - a leader in training-perhaps one of the reasons Amora joins the team combined with Stark having redeemed and helped more villains turn over a new leaf than anyone else I can think of

Thing (Ben Grimm) - Powerhouse brick-ties to the FF4-a no quit heart of gold hero-a never quit hero of pure will that needs a family

Karima Shapandar (Earth-12131) - because I like to add a random person that has had little exposure-she has direct links to Tony Stark-what fun an Omega Sentinel on a team with mutants!-fills in the spot I was thinking of putting the Vision in-human/machine hybrid-interdimensional connections/storyline potentials a terrible team? \:\)