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Subj: Wolverine 7 and 8
Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 at 12:09:42 pm EDT (Viewed 315 times)
Reply Subj: Re: did you read the Wolverine Joe Fixit crossovers back in the first PAD run
Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 at 02:33:50 am EDT (Viewed 280 times)

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    or the fight between Hawkeye and USAgent towards the end of WCA?

    I think building on that could make the second lineup I provided very interesting. I think the character interactions could be great, and could provide a ton of interesting subplots. Its powerful enough, but the heavy hitters are the weakest Hulk (but he's still the Hulk) and real tech guy, but Starfox can serve in a pinch, and if they REALLY need it, convince Fixit to let Banner make an appearance...good luck with that...

    Joe Fixit Hulk
    Monica Rambeau
    Ms. Marvel (Kamala)

I did read one issue with Grey Hulk and wolvie, but yes, very familiar with USAgent and Hawkeye, although it would be interesting to see how Logan and USAgent react.

A bit creepy with how Starfox used to use his powers, especially with a teenage girl on the team, not sure how he is going to come back from that.

But the synopsis misses a critical clarification. First, as noted in the synopsis, Wolverine is undercover as Patch, but recognizes the Hulk. Hulk figures out its Logan later on, and sucker punches him near the end of the story line, doesn't hold back.

Later, Hulk notes that Patch 'took the punch like a man', and they seemed to show mutual respect. Patch sees him off, making sure he has first class flight...BUT, and here's the best part he switched the signs, and Fixit ended up going on a flight INTO the sun, meaning Banner would reappear, something Fixit did NOT want....grudging respect but still taking digs at each other.

There was another crossover where Wolverine in costume had a brutal fight with Fixit. That was pretty good too, with Wolverine seemingly winning, then Fixit healing and pummeling him. The two can work together, and respect each other, but....could make for interesting interaction. I think much the same with Hawkeye and now they can probably work together, but doubt it will be a warm relationship....