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Subj: don't undersell Buffy's speed and reflexes though....
Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 at 12:54:29 pm EDT (Viewed 137 times)
Reply Subj: Buffy and Max (Dark Angel) comparison
Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2017 at 05:53:11 pm EDT (Viewed 177 times)

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    In general, Vulcans have a very high track record and are probably substantially stronger than humans...Cap to 1 ton level IMO. Klingons are supposed to be stronger than humans, but likely aren't a lot, say 25% stronger given equal size and build...probably similar to Vampires in the Buffyverse...Worf was a very big Klingon, and likely around peak human strength because of it, or even above. Most Vulcans are still stronger, despite a couple of instances where Vulcans don't look as impressive (in TNG the guy who played Tuvok played a Vulcan that got beaten by a human, and Belanna beat a vulcan 1 on 1, but she's mostly human and partly klingon....conversely, evil Spock was owning the Enterprise crewmembers with only Kirk having any effect, and he still beat them, and Vulcans were really scary at an episode of TNG, they were supposed to be several times as strong as probably in general around 1 ton range.

    R1. Riker

    R2. Chakotay

    R3. Sisko

    All the above are tough, but Buffy just outclasses them.

    R4. Kirk

    The first real challenge IMO...Kirk beat Khan in TOS, and held his own against Spock...he might talk her into not fighting actually and end up kissing her, but she still wins...Kirk though makes most peak humans and lower end metahumans work for it, because he never gives up, will use the environment, and finds a way to beat even the most unwinnable scenarios...but yeah, she wins


    R5. Tuvok: Vulcans are hard to peg...unnamed Vulcans can be beaten by humans, but at times, seem WAY above human...and well into he's probably above most of the Vampires she's fought, and she's still recovering from Kirk, so Buffy MIGHT lose here...

    R6. Worf

    If Buffy were fresh, she'd beat him handily. Max would be close, as Worf is a better fighter, and I think Buffy is substantially better than Max overall, but fresh Max would win. After fighting a Vulcan and Kirk, if Buffy makes it here, she probably loses. Max goes forward

    R7. B'Elenna
    Max wins

    R8. 7 of 9
    Max wins

    R9. Data
    Max loses badly.
    Buffy would have a shot fresh, but Data's brain coupled with his strength and durability makes him really tough to take out.


    R10. Odo

Thanks for the response, similar to what I thought.

I think they are reasonably comparable. Buffy has around Class 1 strength IMO. Max can bench press 5 times her body weight, so I guess approximately 600lbs. So Buffy is roughly around 3 or 4 times as strong.

Having said that Max likely has a significant speed advantage and has more formal training in martial arts and espionage as well as a killer attitude.

Buffy chases after a speeding bus from roof tops, after being stab in the stomach no less, so she's running at least in the 40-60 mph range there...

Buffy steps on a Bear trap in the dark, but then pulls her foot out before it snaps shuts in a slow motion shot. These traps close at speeds faster than you can see, and well over 300 FPS.

Various feats of bullet timing from point blank shots, multiple shots by a high train Watcher, gunfire of a army, rapid fire from Darla, and heavy gunfire from two sides at one time by Watchers. Evades Adam shooting a machine gun at her as well.

Like with strength, in the series it isn't highlighted a lot, but its pretty impressive.

she was also highly trained, and slayer powers come with residual memories of fighting style/instinctive fighting ability

In the famous episode that touch on innate skill, it is stated Slayers on the subconscious level have the memories, and experiences of past slayers. When they "Activate" the skills are natural and present in them to a degree. They cannot recall experiences and such when they try to, but they have it in them. Proven in this episode when a young girl who "activated" had the skill and memories of the Boxtor Rebellion Slayer that Spike had killed, speaking a asian language, and enough skill to decimate Spike. Even though said girl had no training, or was taught any other languages. This is also shown in the canon origin comic of Buffy.

With zero training and effort, Buffy effectively uses official weapon maneuvers and styles to beat Giles on her first day of training with the quarter staff. Even though Giles been taught all his life as a kid weapon styles, hand to hand, and magic by the Watchers. Innate skill pulling through. Giles still spent over three years honing Buffy's skills to the best it can be, which shows thanks to Buffy 7 seasons, and 100s of comics.

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