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Subj: I like all those memebers you mentioned as long as...
Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 at 04:24:10 pm EDT (Viewed 243 times)
Reply Subj: I like that team...
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    I also considered Amora for one of mine, because she has shown some complexity...capacity for remorse, but ruthlessness for what she wants...and the Avengers do have a history of rehabilitating super villains. I also thought about Absorbing Man and Titania...if Marvel hadn't backpedaled after the DeFalco push of them reforming it could have worked well.

    I like your other pics as well, with enough characters to make it still feel like an Avengers team, with Iron Man and Falcon, with Nico...

    As I mentioned with one of my other lists, I like the idea of the really powerful characters on the team being less competent at using their would also work if they were 'reforming' bad a resurrected Skurge (who's death is one of my favorite moments in comics) wanting to be honorable, with Amora (who had a hard time adjusting to his death), coming along and showing some depth...but they're the Avengers 'big guns', with lower to mid tier classic Avengers leading the way...could make for some interesting dynamics... If you feel the need to have a powerful 'counter', you could throw Tarene on there and be Asgardian heavy, and that would be interesting (I know she isn't asgardian, but her powers are based on the Thor template....and also would allow resolution to her as the Designate, who gave up most of her powers to help Odin defeat Surtur)...

    So, something like

    Captain America
    Thor Girl
    and some lesser powered guys to fill it out...choosing 2-3 from a list of Avengers or Avengers related characters, to cover tech and a few other spots:

    Sam Wilson
    Scott Lang
    Black Knight
    Stingray (yeah, not exactly classic, but could be a low to mid tier
    with some tech and versatility)
    maybe Luke Cage, though maybe more powerful than I'd like
    Miles Morales

    Hmm...let me think
    How about I pick

    and Gauntlet

    So you end up with two Avenger's mainstays in Cap and Wasp, Gauntlet who is justifiably a member, and Stingray who was strongly affiliated for quite a while, if a minor character with a lot to explore, then the three Asgardian based powerhouses, one still acting like a newb and not a good fighter, the other two powerhouse 'reforming' villains...and too powerful for the veterans to really keep in check...'s classic Wasp and not the nutjob daughter of Pym one.