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Subj: Re: Ideal Avengers teams (and others)
Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 at 07:01:29 pm CDT (Viewed 246 times)
Reply Subj: Ideal Avengers teams (and others)
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    In light of the recent post about powerful Avengers lineup, what would you have as the lineup if you took over the book.

    Please try to take into consideration the following factors:

    Marketability: probably need to have at least 1-2 members that will bring readers...guys who have carried solos for a while, or maybe 3 or 4 that carried a solo for a couple years

    Power and Versatility: powerful enough to be able to handle pretty serious threats...but do you want a team so powerful every event has to be universe threatening?

    Cool interactions: characters with interesting history or that you think would be good to have together

    Team size: I think the lineups that are too big take away from the ability to tell good stories at times. 4 is almost too small for a team though, so probably need to have 5-10 members.

    What would you do?

Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers): the leader and she has a movie coming out

Wasp (Janet Van Dyne): the team funder and comic relief

Beast: he needs to return to his old jovial self and removing him from the X-Men gives him an excuse for that change; he's the brains on the team

Wonder Man: he needs to have his angst removed as well and having him team up with his one-time best friend gives him an excuse for that change; he's the team brick

Quasar (Avril Kincaid): she's the most powerful member of the team but her inexperience with her powers makes her and the team vulnerable; Carol tries to be her mentor

Sif: she hasn't spent a huge amount of time on Earth so I'd play up the fish out of water angle; she joins the team for the adventure and to keep watch on the...

Enchantress (Amora): here's where a lot of the drama comes from on this team; she's joined for redemption but she's not all in, so not much of a team player, but she's so powerful and alluring to some on the team that it's hard to get rid of her; she clashes with Carol and Sif a lot, but she's perfect for Wasp to dress up and present to high society and Avril has a big crush on her, which Amora finds amusing and allows her to toy with Avril; this causes friction with Carol who is trying to guide Avril

I'd also consider a more conventional team that would include the Big Three all restored to their traditional forms (for marketability reasons) and put the emphasis on "Earth's MIGHTIEST heroes":

Captain America (Steve Rogers)
Iron Man (Tony Stark)
Thor (Odinson)

Spectrum (Monica Rambeau): she's now a veteran and I'd play up just how impressive her power set can be

Vision: another veteran who is no-nonsense

Sersi: despite being immensely powerful, she'd be the playful, lighter side of the team with a potential romance with Thor to be explored

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan): she's the newbie who can provide the perspective of awe being on this team

This is a team all about showcasing their effectiveness in a way that awes the reader and they take down even Earth's mightiest villains with efficiency. They only get in trouble with truly cosmic threats (and there would be an extended arc in space to that effect) or against villains with extensive prep and subterfuge.