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It takes time every time I've seen Thor use a portal.
1.Whipping up a dimensional gate to take enemies through he usually twirls the hammer for a few seconds giving fair warning. Not easy to do in a fight.Also Thor would be in the actual Sun. Not Atums special place *inside* the Sun as he was before so he's dead too.
No 2. Yeah it could work.I'd like to see evidence of this on panel however before I agree.
3. Again takes time. It's not instantaneous and not seen any evidence on panel of this.

where Thor did teleport others with a ray from Mjolnir

or by throwing the hammer in such a way that it did circle around the subject or big chunks of land

Or even without throwing the hammer, but the effect itself in a whirlwind

it does take a spin to use this second form of teleportation, or a bit of charging time, so it's true that time is of the essence, but we have seen him catch rushing spaceships with it, and port superbeings with enhanced reflexes without them noticing;

And on occasions, Thors can fight inside a star no problem
Hulk as well has been said to probably be able to survive getting thrown to the sun, so i think it depends. Sentry as well, but it did keep him dead for a while. At low end all three of them might die in the sun, at top i don't think so...

Thor lightning is able to stun or slow Hulk down at times as well, it knocked him out at least twice that i remember, so it should give him enough time if he wished to gain time. He did trap Hulk in a spinning vortex in one of their first fights after all...