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Subj: Re:on some level, she is Mary Sueish, she has redeeming qualities but they are minor at best
Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 at 05:10:17 pm EDT (Viewed 211 times)
Reply Subj: So Jane would easily take the Kurse that smushed Thor. Wow.
Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 at 04:13:24 pm EDT (Viewed 302 times)

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God Sue eh?
The sooner the cancer gets her the better.

in the sense that she apparently is suddenly competent in things she has no experience in thanks to magic (she speaks Asgardian, has fighting experience and all the usual assets of "Thor" via magic hammer transmutation, but has no idea how she knows those things and hasn't acquired them through her own effort), and has an incredibly powerful mc-Guffin able to do most of the work she needs to do practically without being asked, and is completely carried by it without practically any development of her own, making her accomplishment basically all merit of the hammer itself.

In that sense, she is a very weak "female empowerment" kind of character and weakens the concept of Thor if separated from the hammer, because she is literally being carried around by a sentient magic cosmic storm, through no apparent virtue of her own. The only "worthy" aspect she has demonstrated up to now, is her willingness to die fighting evil till the last moment, and her sacrificing her own health in order to be a hero. Nice heroic traits, but she only puts in the resolve, the hammer makes all the work for her after that. But hey, the mother storm is also female, so maybe she is the "female empowerment" aspect of the character...

of course, I'm not going to cheer for cancer, since I have had a family member that suffered through it (and lived, thankfully). but I feel like Jane is literally the lesser part of the "female Thor" character and the less consequential part of it to boot.

as for her feats, she and Mjolnir broke through Vibranium core/adamantium plating walls

she fought Odin literally through the whole solar system, and unleashed the "larger than earth sized jovian storm" on ol'One eyed, destroying moons casually.

here Mjolnir just eats up a nova thrown by two alien Skyfathers

she held at bay the Phoenix itself with the Mother storm

in a future where Ultron stole the Odin power, she summons "the terrible lightning that forged the cosmos itself" with two Mjolnir and obliterates him

and if you argue that she can't have regularly two Mjolnir from two different times? she totally does it again in the Avengers story where Kang tries to use the chronal powers from Mjolnir to regain power and does just that to destroy him with the paradox it creates.

she did have a run in with a Kurse since Malekith gave the curse to a female Dark Elf those who saw the league fo realms from the previous Thor saga will be familiar with, but it was a quick brawl that ended in nothing.