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Subj: Re: I Don't Mean This To Be Demeaning But ,Thanos Is Overrated In Terms Of Both Power And Battle. He's Nowhere Near As Good As People Make Him Out To Be.
Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2017 at 12:05:24 am EDT (Viewed 231 times)
Reply Subj: I Don't Mean This To Be Demeaning But ,Thanos Is Overrated In Terms Of Both Power And Battle. He's Nowhere Near As Good As People Make Him Out To Be.
Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 at 09:01:17 pm EDT (Viewed 218 times)

    I just saw another list of the Top 10 most powerful (Marvel.) villains, and Thanos made number 1. AGAIN! It seems that he always ranks as either #1 or #2, and I have to disagree with this. First of all, Thanos is a great character (I don't care for him as being portrayed as either an anti-villain or anti-hero, though.), but the only writer that writes him as being superior is Jim Starlin, his creator. It seems that Starlin has him being able to either beat or outsmart pretty much ANY character in the Marvel Universe. But he's pretty overrated, and what really makes him dangerous or a threat is NOT his power, but his cunning and his intelligence.

Yes, his intelligence and cunning is the ultimate threat. Thanos clearly was not going to win a brawlers fight with Odin. So we know his power level alone is not what makes him such a big threat, but his tactics, cunning, and intelligence. But Thanos' personal power gives him flexibility and options. He's almost always been a team-buster.

    The ONLY times that he's been a real threat or a threat to either the Marvel Universe or powerhouse teams (Like The Avengers.) is when he gets his hands on some powerful object or some sort of plot device (Like The Infinity Gauntlet or a Cosmic Cube, etc.). But that's something that Doctor Doom does as well. Thanos is powerful, sure, but he's pretty low on the cosmic totem. At best, he's a peg or two above The Silver Surfer. But I do think that people overrate him. At least Starlin had Odin more or less defeat him. He really shouldn't be able to defeat Darkseid (Who actually HAS been a universal threat without the use of any objects or powerful artifacts.), or take out a team of powerhouses like The Annihilators so easily. And I'm not sure if he should just be able to shrug off Black Bolt's voice. Sorry, Thanos is good, but he's nowhere near as good as his reputation.

The thing is, that's what Thanos DOES. Cosmic Cube. Soul Gems (power to blow up stars). Realizes Infinity Gems. Queue them a few more times. Heart of the Universe. Etc. Etc.

Thanos is almost always looking for universal power. That's kind of his gig. It's rare that he's out and about without looking for some way to conquer or kill the universe.

    Speaking of Starlin and Thanos, I really think that he should be completely and totally finished with the character. I read that he's doing yet ANOTHER Infinity trilogy of books with Thanos, and he's had his say at this point. After Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos Quest, The End, his first few issues of The Thanos ongoing series (I liked Keith Giffen's issues better.), and all of his past Thanos storylines, I really feel that he should just move on from the character, because he's done all that he can with him, and he's just going to be repeating himself at this point.

I agree. I thought I read Marvel was cutting him off a while ago. Starlin made an epic character and epic arc. Now he seems like he's constantly trying to validate him and make him more powerful, dangerous, impressive. Part of what made Thanos Quest so epic was that Thanos had to be *crafty* about things.