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Subj: Re: I think 13 is a bit too large...trying to find teams who at least can get some type of alignment...
Posted: Sat Sep 30, 2017 at 10:24:23 am EDT (Viewed 248 times)
Reply Subj: I think 13 is a bit too large...trying to find teams who at least can get some type of alignment...
Posted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 at 04:46:07 pm EDT (Viewed 284 times)

    Marvel's Acts of Vengeance did a pretty darned good job of it honestly, but...

Bah - 13 is perfect for a villainous group - imagine the Legion of Doom from the old cartoons with all the villains sitting at their seats plotting and planning lol. That is what got me thinking about villainous super-duper mastermind groups and wanted to see what some people would come up with.


    Seth, god of Death brings together the following
    Resurrected by Seth:

    Seth brings back two dead characters, one who died honorably but who was a villain, and Hulk Villain Trauma, but both are under his control (much as Red Norvel was when brought back...I considered Norvel as a lackey, but)...these guys are brute force lackeys mostly bodyguards to Seth, though Seth is the most powerful of all the guys here

Seth is an amazing sneaker pick. I think he is a very under used and underrated Master Villain. I think any villain that could toe-to-toe with Thor on any given day and organize the destruction of Asgard and Odin has to be considered near the top of the food chain without being overly-cosmic. I think he is only teambuster or high herald, what is considered his usually class on these boards?

Seth's resurrection and addition of Skurge and Trauma is also a nice touch. Two near-Thor/Hulk level thugs, who also have a connection to other members of the group in Amora and Armageddon. A nice power play to manipulate those two to swing their votes his way within the group.


    I picked the rest because I think they can mostly reconcile their motivations (no Red Skull and Magneto on a team, for instance). Also, all are intelligent and should command at least some measure of respect from the others.

yeah, i was wondering if anyone would consider alignments and oppossing motivations considering how the Magneto/Red Skull story played out in Acts of Vengeance. Which was a great story. I think they would have towed the line if they actually knew they were being lead by Loki from the beginning though instead of being manipulated and used as pawns. Magneto would have struggled but may have went along knowing they had leader who would bring his wrath down on him.

    Count Nefaria-all around powerful, and an aristocrat who wants his
    own way
    Dr. Doom
    the Leader
    Amora the Enchantress- joins because Skurge is brought back
    Sebastian Shaw

very cool and diverse group. it would definitely have some in-fighting amongst these alphas, and i would probably see Doom finding someway to manipulate the whole situation to his advantage and take full control of this group eventually. Probably conspiring with Amora and manipulating the sometimes mentally weak Graviton to take out Seth.

And i see that i misread Agamemnon for Armageddon (Trauma's father). Agamemnon is the former leader of the Pantheon with Professor Hulk right? I guess that changes the Seth stuff i mentioned earlier \:\)

    Note: I thought about including Kro, because he won't show up in anyones list...I also considered Lord Tantalus, but I figure this is a good mix of different powersets, and their motivations are reconcilable enough. I also thought about Jomungund, the Midgard Serpent, but with him being resurrected by Seth, I thought it might be too much...

Kro or Tantalus would have been nice additions too. I like Tantalus as a character alot, i always wished they would use him again.


    President Lex Luthor - yeah, that version
    He coordinates with others based on their desire to strike at heroes that have previously defeated them for the most part

    Maxwell Lord: Luthor's right hand

I don't know if Max could ever take a number 2 spot. but i like the idea. He is almost as good of a manipulator/prep man as Luthor.

    Hugo Strange: an advisor to Luthor
    General Eiling - muscle, and bring him in line with is commander
    in chief
    Deathstroke- because
    Massacre: I really liked him as a Superman villain, and since he
    never really got over the grudge, I think he could be pursuaded
    to work with this team, if only for a time...provided he's alive
    Devastation: capable and intelligent, and a good match for Wonder
    Woman, an excellent member of the team
    Kestrel, because I always liked him, and he was the pinnacle
    Hawk and Dove villain in the Kessel run
    Asmodel: I liked his first arc vs. the Justice League
    Malefic:intense hatred for Jonn and great powerset
    Sinestro: hatred for the GLs makes him amenable to working with Luthor
    Cobalt Blue: intense hatred for Flash, brings an interesting powerset
    to the table

another nice group. Some very unique and rare choices here. Eiling (i assume in Shaggy Man's body as the General), Massacre and Devastation are all beasts capable of taking on any Superman or Wonder Woman level foes.

Kestrel is a cool low-level/street or enhanced fighter to add in as well. I think he could take any Teen Titan level foe out except maybe Donna.

Asmodel and Malefic are also crazy scary and cool additions.

I admit i know little about Cobalt Blue. So i don't i can't say much there.

nice team.

    Group 3:
    The question is, do I want to go 'cool', powerful, work together, or what...

    Hordak: because Masters of the Universe is my favorite property...
    I have to have either Skeletor or Hordak...
    Megatron (Beast Wars). I like the other Megatron better, but think
    the Beast Wars version is more likely to work with organics, and
    I wanted to have someone from Transformers involved
    Sho Nuff: small time compared to others, but among my favorite
    villains in any genre, so I included him. He's a great
    street level to meta threat, with top flight fighting skill
    Ctchutchik: Grolim High Priest from the Belgariad, powerful wizard
    who gave Belgarath the best fight (better than Belzedar IMO)
    Bianca: old and powerful Red Court Vampire from the Dresden books
    Darth Vader: Duh
    Khan: Star Trek
    Mumm Ra: It was either him or Mon Starr

I like what i know. I have No idea who Ctchutchik or Bianca are so i will look them up for curiosity sakes.

Sho Nuff is from Afro Samurai right? or am i completely off on that one?

I admit i don't know what the difference is between Beast Wars Megatron and normal Megatron except what you said.

And i love the idea of Mumm Ra, Darth Vader, Khan (who i think is outclassed entirely here) and Hordak all on one super group. That spells a whole shit of fun and possibilities.

would you mind giving links or more written detail about the characters i was not familiar with?


Thank you very much for taking the time out to put these together. It was a fun read and i hope you had some fun thinking it out.

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