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Subj: Re: Olympians vs Asgardians
Posted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 at 03:03:02 pm EDT (Viewed 196 times)
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What are the main differences?

I understand that Olympoian citizens are individually more impressive, they are true immortals, such as why Zeus looks like he is in his physical prime, whilst Odin looks older.

However, Asgard appears to have more realms and has more of a warrior culture.

Bor/Cronus (Bor defeats Cronus)

Odin/Zeus(Odin is imho is above Zeus, and has more to bring to the table)

Cul or Hela/Pluto(Cul can definitely defeat Pluto, and Hela would stalemate)

Njord/Poseidon(I'm going to say Njord b/c he would have more experience and is a warrior)

Thor/Hercules(Thor has the overall power)

Frey/Dionysus(Frey all the way)

Balder/Apollo(Balder imho takes it, and the fact that he is a true warrior born)

Tyr or Skurge/Ares(Skurge imo is a dead on match for Ares, and would most likely beat him, and Tyr if he had his hand would stalemate)


Freya aka Frigga/Hera(Freya is a warrior, not Hera)

Angela/Athena(I would say Angela, but Athena would make her work)

Sif/Artemis(Sif all the way)

Enchantress/Aphrodite(Enchantress is to much for Venus)