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Subj: Its hard to gauge the new Khan...
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Spock though was shown and said to be a Vulcan master of martial arts, and Khan had a healing factor also, so could still win this!
Spock would be maybe 3-5 X peak human, Khan about 10X

but I don't think Spock is 3-5X Peak Human. I think he's maybe 3-4 times a human of his height and build. Very likely above peak human strength, but not above.

Khan, classically, stated he had 5X Kirk's strength...Kirk was not peak human...Kirk was in VERY good shape, and if he fought Batman it might be close, but Cap is, IMO, clearly stronger and more durable than Batman (Batman has other advantages though). So, IMO Khan classically may have been in the peak human, 1 ton, or 2 ton range, likely toward the lower end. The more recent version seemed more impressive, but how much of that was budgetary or special effects vs. real difference...a 1-2 tonner could do whatever he was doing.

So, I'd say Khan is somewhere between peak human and 2X peak human, as is Spock, but Spock is on the lower end of that range, and Khan a bit higher....but a lot of ambiguity.

They both MIGHT be slightly stronger than Slade or Cap, but not by a huge margin. They're both skilled too, but Cap and Slade are more skilled, and more used to fighting characters that are stronger...