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    How good of a fighter is Kirk? The style shown in the series was not impressive, but he performed far better than any other it a limit on the show capability or on his skill.

    To put it would he do against street level comic characters

It's a fair point; the extent to which you do or don't allow for the limitations of an actor portraying a fighter. I've seen the same point come up when comparing Rockyverse fighters to real world boxers. And I'm somewhat torn about which way I come down on this myself.

But, even allowing for Shatner's limitations to some extent, and accepting that he was written as perhaps the most formidable unaugmented human fighter in the Trek universe shown on-screen, I still have a hard time putting him especially close to the likes of Cap or Daredevil in skill. Neither he, nor any other fighter I'm aware of in the Trek universe, have showings that come close to what A-list comic fighters have been shown to be capable of (and Trek writers have had ample opportunity to showcase the skill of their fighters across the hundreds of episodes that have aired).

I honestly don't think there's much reason to rate Kirk any higher than the Punisher in HtH skill. Again, leaving Shatner's limitations aside, there's really nothing in Kirk's background or showings (or the background/showings of his notable opponents) to suggest he's any more skilled than Castle. And when I say "showings", I'm referring to what Kirk actually achieved in combat, rather than how good Shatner looked in motion.

when I think of his best showings, I think of beating Khan. In Mirror Mirror, when all of the relocated take on the evil Spock, he's the only one that has any measure of success, but he's pretty consistently gotten the worst of it from Spock...but for someone who 'supposedly' is 3-4X a human his size, thats pretty good...

Though unnamed Vulcans get beaten by named humans, at least in one episode of TNG with the proto Tuvok (same actor, different Vulcan), and Romulans seem pretty beatable 1 on 1 by humans...

So yeah, I think Kirk could compete with a lot of street levellers, but the better ones would beat him in a straight up fight.

Kirk's greatest strength is his adaptability, intuition, and insight...thinking on his feet.

I'm trying to remember how the old Xmen vs. Star Trek went down...I just remember Wolverine commenting on how good the crew was, and I think Spock took Wolverine down with a nerve pinch, but it didn't last long enough due to healing factor....

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