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Subj: Re: Inspired by Jesusfan's post below, lets rate the non elite fighters!
Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 at 05:31:15 am EDT (Viewed 190 times)
Reply Subj: Inspired by Jesusfan's post below, lets rate the non elete fighters!
Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 at 08:24:14 pm EDT (Viewed 220 times)

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On a scale of 0 to 100, zero being no skill, 100 being a master fighter, how do you rate the following:

James T. Kirk (his discussion inspired this)

Charles Gunn (from Angel)

Rupert Giles (from Buffy)

Ben Grimn (human form)

Johnny Storm, no powers

Ted Kord

Ray Palmer

Hank Pym

Scott Lang

Tony Stark

Indiana Jones

Jim Gordon in his prime.

I'm tempted to add Clint Barton and Frank Castle, but many consider them Marvel's Green Arrow and Batman. If they are, they are elete fighters and not quailfied for what I'm going for here. But go ahead and add them if you disagree, and anybody else you can think of.

Ok. So 90 to 100 represents the likes of Cap, Black Panther, Lady Shiva, Batman, Shang Chi, Storm Shadow etc, the top levels.

I'll go with 0-5 representing non existent fighting ability, so the disabled to elderly.

6 - 10 being your average guy on the street, who may be overweight, untrained etc.

11 -19 your fit average person who may have done some training a while ago.

20 - 39 being someone who has had some professional training and has had experience, refresher training and is physically fit. Police officers and Prison Officers will fit in here.

Johnny Storm
Tony Stark
Ray Palmer
Scott Lang
Hank Pym
Jim Gordon
Your average criminal henchman (Kingpin, Joker goon etc)

40 -59 represents those who have natural talent or extensive regular training. Your decent black belts and above (including instructor), your armed forces who are on the boxing or judo teams etc or special units.

Giles (low end)
Ben Grimm
Your professional bodyguard

60 -79. This is where it gets highly skilled. You are looking at either superior natural ability in a single art or extensive training of multiple forms, including a mix of both. In real life, this could be olympic level potential (someone very skilled and trained but needing a bit of polishing) or someone who may essentially be a particularly skilled and talented veteran of a combat sport but slightly past their prime. This also represents good natural talented combined with experience and training.

James Kirk
Charles Gunn
Ted Kord
Indiana Jones
Mad Max
Black Knight
The best members of the Hand.
Bloody Mary
Quick Kick

Most Asgardian 'commoners' fight here, due to extensive lifespans and living in a harsh environment.

80 - 89. Superior talent meets extensive regular training. Olympic level achievment. Multiple master of several combat arts.

The Punisher

90 to 100, explained above.

100 - 150 level. We are getting into superhuman ability with/or several hundred years of relevant fighting training coupled with experience now. So this would be Balder, Fandral the Dashing, Heimdall, Gamora, Angela, the Lady Sif they may not have the specific techniques of those before them (Iron Fist etc) but their ability and experience more than compensates.

150/200. The 'elite' level of the above. Now, we are talking about Thor, Wonder Woman, Karate Kid, Odin. The kind of levels, where they can actually fight those who have vast superhuman speed.

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