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Subj: Re: How is WBH leagues beyond Mangog.
Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 at 08:26:50 am EST (Viewed 164 times)
Reply Subj: How is WBH leagues beyond Mangog.
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    Mangog is the hate, rage and strength of a billion billion beings.

    That's 1,000,000,000,000,000,000
    Which is 1 quintillion beings.

    If each one was capable of only lifting 150 pounds, that equals 150 quintillion pounds - which is 75 quadrillion tons.

    That's about 1 quadrillion times as strong as the Thing.

    I don't think you realize the magnitude of that number. It's about 100 thousand times the number of star in our galaxy.

    If Worldbreaker Hulk is one million times as strong as the Thing - which he isn't - then Mangog would still be 1 billion times stronger.

Well, those hypothetical numbers --which contain a lot of assumptions-- are trumped by the on-panel portrayals of these two characters in question. Mangog is supremely strong and impossibly durable. But his actual displays of strength in the pages of the comics don't even come close to what we've seen from WorldBreaker Hulk.

For instance, we've witnessed Mangog arrive on Earth & do battle with Thor (and others), stomping down the street, smashing the ground, pounding, crashing, breaking, and raging with all his might. Yet Earth itself was completely unscathed. Not only that, but many lower-level heroes also did battle with him during that time and lived to tell the tale.

The two times we've seen WorldBreaker Hulk make an appearance on Earth, however, it has portrayed him as So. Powerful. that even his most casual movements... such as taking a single footstep... were on the verge of accidentally destroying the entire planet. He's not called "WorldBreaker" for nothing.

Do you see the notable difference?

WorldBreaker Hulk's merest footsteps are so strong that they break continents, and that was established to be at a time when he was fighting hard to withhold his power & anger from truly uncorking; and it was noted by Amadeus Cho that Hulk had grown so strong he was going to inadvertently kill everyone on Earth without even meaning to. That is how powerful he had become.

Again, while holding back.

Later on, in the 'Heart of the Monster' storyline, we finally get to see WorldBreaker not holding back and the result is even more impressive. Contained in a dark dimension with no innocent people present, the Hulk unleashes his full anger and we see him perform feats of raw strength unmatched in the annals of comics, in my opinion.

Other comic characters have destroyed a planet before. Sure. But have any of them ever destroyed a planet by punching someone else in the face while merely fighting ON that planet?? I don't think so. But that's exactly what the Hulk does. Over & over again. The radiant force from his physical punches was so powerful --not the power of the punch itself, but merely the force that radiated from hitting someone else-- was so powerful that it literally caused the planet he was on to explode.

Not only that, but the force from those punches (on. somebody. else.) was straight-up incinerating top-tier herald-level characters in the Hulk-Thor-Silver-Surfer echelon of power.

Does that compute?

Armageddon was one of the characters in that story. In his first appearance, Armageddon proved himself powerful enough to own both the Merged Hulk and Silver Surfer together for a while. Basically, he's very powerful by conventional comic character standards. He's somewhere in the high-end herald/teambuster class of power. And he was being effortlessly incinerated by the radiant force from the Hulk's punches against someone. else.

It is simply a fact that we have never seen power from Mangog, in any of his appearances, that even remotely compares to the collateral damage caused by WorldBreaker's casual footsteps, much less when he went all-out and was incinerating Thorish-level opponents without even attacking them directly.

Based on portrayals and their obvious implications, WorldBreaker Hulk is leagues beyond Mangog in power.

If Professor X helped unleash & guide the Hulk towards that kind of power, Team Villains is in for a world-breaking of hurt.


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