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Subj: Re: I'm surprised to see no one considered the wildcard in their answers...
Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 at 09:02:45 am EST (Viewed 120 times)
Reply Subj: Re: I'm surprised to see no one considered the wildcard in their answers...
Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 at 03:46:52 pm EST (Viewed 168 times)

    We've all disagreed. You know the saying that when you think everyone else is the problem, you're the problem? Basically, you're saying let's take the very highest showings of Hulk and Strange and let that be normal for them but let's not do that with the villains in order to give the heroes a fighting chance. Well, first, I think Xavier would be very loathe to unleash a Worldbreaker Hulk if the fight is on Earth. Second, if we're talking prep, even Strange is no match in that area for Dr. Doom and Thanos, much less the two of them together. Ultron is a prep master himself. Third, you overrate the Hulk more than anyone I've ever encountered.

And you continue to ignore context & misread clear English at every turn...

Do you need glasses? There's no shame in upping your prescription.

Anyway, what about this scenario I set up makes you believe I'm trying to normalize anything? That's just you creating a scarecrow argument that you think is easier to defend, but which draws the dialogue in a different direction entirely. It's bush-league, zvelf; and typical.

I set the context. All answers should fall within it.

First off, the setup for the battle included this blurb:

'The Battlefield is Earth, however all other living creatures have been teleported to another dimension and are in stasis, their fates awaiting the outcome of the fight. If the villains win, they claim the planet and its population to do with as they please. If the heroes win, the same.' 

So all other living creatures are off the planet at the time of this battle, thus making Xavier less reticent to unleash the Hulk on the villains, and the stakes of this battle are the very lives of those people --meaning the heroes would be highly motivated to pull out all the stops for victory. 

All of that sets up a scenario that would create explicitly abnormal conditions & motivations for the heroes involved.

Context is important, zvelf, and it's been missing from your arguments to me for years.

Your next attempt to create a scarecrow argument, about prep, has nothing to do with my response --which was exclusively addressing the notion that Team Villains had an overwhelming power advantage. I said I think people didn't really consider the "coaches" of these teams, and specifically how Xavier could affect the power levels of his team, when pronouncing that the villains had an overwhelming advantage in that realm.

And no, you didn't all disagree. Because I hadn't even made that argument (or presented it in the original post) for anyone to disagree with. People simply didn't consider, include, or convey it in the rationale for their response. Which is why I posed it after several were given. 

NOW you have an opportunity to disagree and make a counterclaim, if you think you can. But so far all you're doing is disparaging me, creating scarecrow arguments, hurling red-herrings into the fray, and ignoring the proffered context of this specific scenario. 

I am genuinely not surprised.


"And when his anger is incalculable, the Hulk is simply the strongest one there is." --Greg Pak
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