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Subj: Re: Yeah, Professor X isn't going to do that....
Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 at 08:26:19 pm EST (Viewed 116 times)
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    When has Professor X ever done that?

He's done similar things a number of times. He is the world's most powerful psychic, after all. For a rather apples-to-apples comparison, look at what Jean Grey did with the Hulk in 'Onslaught: Marvel Universe' --and she learned everything she knows about mental manipulation from Xavier.

The key is that the Hulk, Thor, & Surfer would all be entirely willing participants. This isn't meddling in somebody's mind. It's simply working with them as an ally to unlock their own inhibitions. With all three motivated to win the battle and giving Xavier free reign to access their psyches, there's no limit to what could potentially be accomplished --especially via the Hulk, given his power is so intrinsically tied to his mind.

    Why would Professor X be better at dealing out violence than Hulk or Thor, presumably they know their abilities more than him.

I'm not suggesting that Xavier would be on control of his teammates, but rather merely removing their own mental restraints from accessing their power --each of which has canonical reasons they hold back their true might. Professor X could set those inhibitions to the side and let their full power come forth, which to my mind tilts the balance in Team Heroes' favor.

That doesn't mean that Dr. Doom, Apocalypse, or Thanos couldn't devise an effective counter, if they figured out what was going on. Maybe they come up with a way to break Xavier's influence or sever the psychic connection between them. Doom has easily shown such ingenuity in the past. Which is why I thought both he and Xavier made such interesting wildcards for this conflict.

One of the other ways Professor X would be aiding his team is in linking their consciousness together. This means that they would all have extra-sensory awareness throughout the fight and sharing communication on a level that vastly outstrips their opponents. As Hulk is fighting Thanos, for example, he would be aware of how Ghost Rider's battle with Juggernaut is going and possibly be able to coordinate their efforts in uncommonly synergistic ways.

They could, for instance, set up a trap wherein Hulk shoves someone through a portal-to-hell (or wherever) created by Thor or Doctor Strange, timed & executed with perfect synchronicity --because the plan was created without words or the need to strategize, rather they are working as one mind.

The setup states:

'TEAM HEROES is coached by Professor Xavier, who uses his psychic mastery to link the minds of his team together, enhancing their awareness, tapping their potential, even working mentally with or through them on the battlefield.'

Team Heroe would be working with a unity and spacial awareness that the villains simply could not match.

    Typically, mind controlled guys are less effective because of internal conflict.

I didn't envision the heroes being mind-controlled, but rather liberated from their own mental restraints & then free to act of their own accord.

    One thing that might be the case, is that Ghost Rider may be perfect for taking down Mangog,

Possible. I'm not sure whether Mangog would be susceptible to the penance stare or not.

One character I think would be, is Juggernaut.

If the Surfer swiftly disabled Ultron, which I believe he'd be able to do, and Ghost Rider crippled Juggs with the stare, all of a sudden Team Villains is down to three members & facing a severely enhanced team of heroes with a decided edge in power and cohesion.

Of course, that's only one potential outcome. The villains are more than capable of coming up with decisive strategies of their own. Anyone could write a plausible outcome, no matter which team they decided would triumph. Doom & Xavier really are wildcards to the whole melee...



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Well, if Xavier can do all that, then I'm going to suggest that Doom can use magic to good effect and there's your wildcard for how the villains could win.

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