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Two teams.

Five members a piece.

One "coach" for each team.

TEAM VILLAINS is coached by Doctor Doom, who uses his strategic brilliance and technological wizardry to aid his team in victory. He can equip his crew with weapons, gadgets, devices, and defenses for the battlefield.

TEAM HEROES is coached by Professor Xavier, who uses his psychic mastery to link the minds of his team together, enhancing their awareness, tapping their potential, even working mentally with or through them on the battlefield.

TEAM VILLAINS consists of:

Thanos --field general, equipped with his flying throne

Apocalypse --second in command, controls every molecule of his body

Juggernaut --physically impervious powerhouse, nearly impossible to stop

Mangog --ultimate tank, the combined strength & hatred of a billion billion beings

Ultron --indestructible, nuclear-powered enforcer with utter amorality

TEAM HEROES consists of:

Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange --master of the mystic arts, reality-warper, next-level powerhouse

Spirit of Vengeance Ghost Rider --the demon is in charge of the Rider & wants penance for sin

Mighty Thor --god of strength, lightning, and the living storm, son of Odin, wielding Mjolnir

Silver Surfer --cosmically imbued former herald of Galactus with nearly limitless power

Incredible Hulk --post-WWH gravage, unlimited strength, regeneration, & potential

The Battlefield is Earth, however all other living creatures have been teleported to another dimension and are in stasis, their fates awaiting the outcome of the fight. If the villains win, they claim the planet and its population to do with as they please. If the heroes win, the same.

The conflict starts on November 24th, 2017 @ High-Noon.

That's right: Black Friday!



I read through many of the posts here. The villains definitely outclass the heroes one-on-one. But when you add in the coaches, Professor X could lead the heroes to victory. In my opinion it rests on the following:

1) Could Professor X unleash World-Breaker Hulk? WBH has only been seen a couple times to my knowledge. And I believe it took pretty extreme circumstances to get him there. Jean did not when he fought Onslaught, so I don't know how much of a given this is.

2) Would Professor X do that? In this circumstance, because there is no life on Earth but they are fighting for those lives, perhaps he would. Professor X also brings other advantages, such as syncing up his team's battle strategy.

3) Would Dr. Doom have a counter for it? I mean, the guy did take out the Beyonders. And the Hulk has been drained before. Through magic and tech would Dr. Doom (and Thanos for that matter) be able to counter WBH? Or would they have a psychic dampener that would render the heroes unable to link up with Professor X? With prep, I'm sure they would have such a device.

But prep wasn't stipulated here. So, without prep, I bet heroes could pull it off if the answers to the first 2 questions are yes.

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