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    Scroll down to power and abilities.
    Class 100 strength
    Near Limitless Stamina
    Near Limitless Durability
    Healing Factor
    Skilled Warrior
    Magic Manipulation
    Control over life and death

Thor has most of those powers, and he's not near Odin level. When Odin and Hela fought, Odin won pretty easily. She's plenty powerful, but still not near Odin level.

I could see her being depicted at near Odin levels in her realm, but Death gods in their realms have significant variability. Seth was nigh omnipotent, though Loki held him off for a while. Mephisto has been very powerful in his own realm, but also beaten by Thor (and not with Thor as a major underdog either)

Outside her realm, I'd say she's slightly above Thor level, as are most death gods.