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Posted: Tue Dec 05, 2017 at 09:44:07 pm CST (Viewed 466 times)
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    They are pretty equal in power, but they are all pretty powerful. I don't think they are as powerful as Thanos when outside of their realms, but they are still above conventional herald levelers.

It's difficult to say how powerful Thanos is without his technology. I always pegged him at around Durok level, maybe a bit higher (Durok was about 1.5x the Surfer, maybe 2x). I think Kurse would beat Thanos hand-to-hand, for example.

A case could be made for Thanos being maybe double the power of a herald, maybe 2.5x, but I'd have trouble going much beyond that.

The 'X' factor is Thanos' technology, IMO. Galactus almost exhausted himself breaking through his shields, and it took Odin repeated blasts. Champion and Thor needed the Power Gem to break through (or almost break through, in Tryco's case).

When you factor in the technology, Thanos hits a bit a above his weight class. More than people suspect, IMO.