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    I may be wrong, but I recall Galactus mentioning that he was in a weakened position when he had to face the Hunger (because of Thanos). I probably overstated the exhaustion, but he exerted a significant amount of his resources, IIRC.

You are correct on that point, Norvell. Here are two scans, one showing that Galactus is well-nourished before he fights Thanos and one after in which now his hunger is thundering.

I did not state that it did not drain Galactus some, but it is clear he is not exhausted either or incapable of many other actions. When the Hunger is released Thanos has Galactus throw a ton of power at him.

I imagine we would have heard a comment from Galactus if his power was at a very low ebb going into that. The attack did nothing of note, but that seemed to be the point.

Really, that whole arc was a bit strange in some respects. Galactus's power is well beyond planetary. But he was defeated by smashing two planets together. One can make a case of energy vs physical attacks but just was strange to me. Or that such an attack would be able to have a real probability of destroying Galactus.

At least in my view. Numerous nations have had fleets capable of destroying many planets failing to even get his notice. That is still not slamming two planets together per se, but he has taken a vast amount of damage without issue. Conversely, in a hungry enough state (or even satiated) weaker attacks have gotten his notice.

Look Raist bunnies...