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      Right. I think his shields were a big help in keeping him in the fight with Odin. When I talk about Thanos, I do assume his tech is part of his formidability as Iron Man's suit is part of Stark's. And I rank Thanos higher than Hela because their only mutual opponent that I can think of other than Thor is Odin and Thanos fared notably better against Odin than Hela did.

    Gah! My message was rejected due to the size of my images. Sigh. Basically, I agree with your logic, but Odin is a notoriously poor benchmark. Odin knows Hela, he didn't know the measure of Thanos or his defenses.

True, but that could work either way. He could have been more fully unleashed against Thanos and the Titan held on. The guy did show up with Thor in tow captured. A guy like Odin would not and did not take that lightly.

Similarly, Thanos has faired about as well against Tyrant. Who seems to be in the skyfather level himself.

    Also, Odin himself is a death god of sorts. Hela was trying to annex Valhalla (Odin's death realm) when they fought, and it's unclear that Hela had any actual claim to the realm they were 'fighting' in.

True, and one could make the claim that as the leader of the pantheon he would have advantage over a member of his own pantheon. However, it is one of the few comparisons there are really.

Skyfathers generally seem to be above "death gods" or Hell lords.

    Just something to consider.

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