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Subj: Re: Hela Facing Karnilla!
Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 at 04:59:46 pm EST (Viewed 178 times)
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        That's just assuming Hela is smarter because she has the cushier job.


        It doesn't really matter if she earned the job or not. By the nature of Hela's station, the nature of her power -- being effectively bonded with Hel -- she has an advanced intellect. Power of her level comes with a vast degree of cosmic awareness and other knowledge-based resources.

    Really, particularly in magic, one comes from the other. It does become hard to tell what comes from what. Most beings like that have extensive knowledge in their purview if not beyond.

I would say Hela occupies that grey area where power and knowledge overlap. The limits of Hela's power and 'cosmic awareness' are a bit vague. But just as the Grandmaster (with his vast computational cosmic brain) can be outwitted by Hawkeye, Hela occasionally suffers from the limits of a human imagination.

Hela's gambit with Infinity/Odin was probably her most ambitious intellectual 'scheme'. Hela was the brains behind Infinity, and the whole point of absorbing large sections of the universe was to expand Hela's domain. In this story, she was depicted as being an omnipresent force in space/time that Thor was powerless to fight or elude. More on the entity spectrum than sorceress spectrum.