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Subj: Re: Darkseid vs Wonder Woman: WW 36 spoilers
Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 at 09:55:07 am EST (Viewed 245 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Darkseid vs Wonder Woman: WW 36 spoilers
Posted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 at 09:06:15 pm EST (Viewed 372 times)




          She is struck twice while in bondage.
        She was just faking injury and broke out of the chains easily. If she was injured it was never stated or shown.
      So you're saying Grail and Jason are so weak they can't hurt a Wonder Woman who is their captive?
    Hurt? Yes. Weaken her. No.

Wow, that was one of the dumbest things I've ever read. If you're injured, you are weakened. It's as simple as that. When a player in a team sport is hurt/injured, they get subbed out. Obviously it impacts their performace, i.e., it WEAKENS them.



        Because in that instance Thanos was actually trying to kill Surfer. Here Darkseid isn't.
      So the only time an attack can really hurt someone is when it's meant to kill? Nonsense.
    You need show us where that weakened her. She is weaker when Darkseid drains her only.

Are you kidding me? Darkseid blindsides Wonder Woman with omega beams leaving her on the ground for an entire page full of dialogue while smoke is rising from her back. If she weren't weakened, she would get up immediately. This is why I'm loathe to debate you because I have to explain the most obvious, simple things to you, leaving me feeling like I'm lecturing a Kindergartener. And notice you avoided answering why the only time someone can injure someone else is when they're trying to kill them, which is a preposterous response in the first place.


      You're conflating two different fights. Darkseid ko's the team the very first time they meet when the JL doesn't know who Darkseid is or what he's capable of. Basically, they are caught off guard. Once they are prepared in the final fight, they fight him equally and most of this fight is with Superman absent. Darkseid doesn't ko a single JL member in this final fight. Also, the context of Darkseid's statement is that it took the entire Justice League to fight (match) him last time, so Wonder Woman by herself doesn't stand a chance. The statement is plainly the author's intent to measure up Darkseid (he's = to the JL) in comparison to Wonder Woman.
    Darkseid didn't ko Superman and defeated Hal while breaking his hand?

Again, you're conflating a different fight from the final fight. In the final fight, once the Justice League had taken Darkseid's measure and understood who they were dealing with and thus, no longer surprised, they were matching him. And so no, in the final fight, Darkseid didn't ko Superman or defeat Hal.

    Batman said to Cyborg in the last fight that he was their only shot.
Except Batman's not actually fit to evaluate the situation. Batman only comes through the boom tube on the last page of actual fighting and then makes that statement about 10 seconds later. He didn't see Wonder Woman and Aquaman blind Darkseid. He didn't see the League giving as good as it got throughout the entire final fight.



        At no point the league was able to even look competitive.
      Yeah, Wonder Woman plunging her sword into Darkseid's face and blinding him while laughing doesn't look competitive at all.
    And they basically said it did nothing to Darkseid at all on the very same page.

Again, your interpretation skills leave a lot to be desired. Hal says, "A sword and a trident through the eyes, and he's still standing?" That doesn't at all say they did nothing to Darkseid. It actually says they did a lot. The rhetorical question is stating that the League hurt Darkseid so badly and he's still standing?

    Way to crop the scan though.
I didn't crop it on purpose. It was just the first image that popped up on a Google search and I used it. And as I pointed out, the rest of that page doesn't support that Darkseid was uninjured but rather the opposite.

    They even ask what they can do and they conclude that the only thing is to send him to Apokolips.
"Only"? Funny how that word doesn't appear anywhere in Cyborg's statement. Hal asks what else they can do and Cyborg gives him one option. If the League didn't have that option, would they just give up? Of course not. They would think up another.

    Around the same time Thor dropped Odin to his knees with one mjolnir shot. That was Fraction Odin who was probably the most powerful he had been since Lee-Kirby era.

Huh? What? What does this have to do with the Darkseid fight? Talk about trying to distract by going off on a tangent when you're losing a debate. So yeah, Thor sucker punches Odin and knocks him down. So what? Odin is a few hundred pounds. We've seen Thor lift billions of tons. You act as if this is how a Thor-Odin fight would actually go when Fraction does show how an Thor-Odin fight actually goes: Odin wins easily. That this happens right after the page you posted demonstrates you purposely being misleading.And in other confrontations, it's the same:
I mean, we've seen that if Odin wants to, he can remove Thor's power at any time.
    I'm still waiting for why DC Zeus is "far less powerful" than the Marvel skyfathers BTW.

Okay. Going by your own standard, I guess Zeus ain't all that because Wonder Woman knocked him down.But that's not my standard and not the basis of my claim. We've seen that Zeus is vastly weakened just by overcoming Circe's magic and sending Hermes to Earth.

And the Son of Vulcan can just steal Zeus' spirit.

Zeus has also been killed by Ares who himself has been killed by Wonder Woman.

How to make an entrance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfMiOlIUGQw
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