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Subj: Q is too powerful, let's ignore him - wtf?
Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 at 06:49:39 am EST (Viewed 223 times)
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    I don't know if I agree with that completely. A character like Q is so overpowered that outside of characters like a DCU 4D Imp, nothing really compares. On average, a Jedi would demolish any of the regularly depicted Star Trek races quite easily. And I'd say that the average Wookie is at least equal of very possibly much stronger than the average Klingon. You don't hear about Klingons tearing arms off of people. A high powered Jedi or Sith would make quick work of characters like Khan and potentially Data also.

    And seeing how Snoke could attack that General from such great distances, couldn't a Sith Lord or a Jedi kill or incapacitate the entire deck crew of the enterprise without a shot being fired? Seems possible to me.

    As for the Ships, I think that the revelation of similar shields put the two universes ships a lot closer to equals then before. The ships in SW are more like an amalgamation of Air Craft Carriers and Battle Ships whereas in ST they are more like an amalgamation of a BattleShip and a Cruise Liner with many civilians onboard. ST seems to have the more advanced tech but not by a massive margin. SW ships make up for that in the number of weapons. Plus being able to launch several hundred attack fighters is a big advantage. I think this battle of ships is a lot closer then one might think especially now that Shields are on both sides of the equation.

Picking Q is really a ridiculous argument. Q is basically a god in his universe. The Star Wars Universe really doesn't concern itself with a higher power outside of the Force itself.

Technology not included, the races in Star Wars are similar to Star Trek, except the Star Wars races often have unique force related abilities.

As for a Sith or Jedi, I think they'd be well equipped to handle most any situation. Remember that the Death Star, a massive technological achievement (as it would be even in the star trek universe) was really not considered that important to Vader or the Emperor. It was a political tool. Neither considered its power to be a rival to what they could do with the force. Vader openly mocked it.

A well trained and moderate power Jedi or Sith can infiltrate, mentally manipulate, alter odds, and use the force to guide them. They're like the ultimate commando. Not counting just outright killing people or influencing their actions.

The Force scales with technology. We see many times it makes its users understand, intuitively, complex technology. Being able to use, manipulate, and alter it. A Force user would be just fine in the star trek universe, as they would in the wild west. It does not matter how much better or worse it is, the force will still give them a massive advantage over people and technology.

Now, in regards to ship to ship combat (which I took to be the main purpose of the thread here) I do think Star Trek is far more advanced. The shields in 8 are pretty much the best we've ever seen. Previously the "deflector shields" have been pretty limited. They can't block kamikaze pilots, or asteroids, etc. They seem to reflect or absorb some amount of laser fire. But they're a far cry from the Star Trek shields that seem to block EVERYTHING until they run out of power.

Its an odd comparison of course. Because while Star Wars seemed underpowered on a lot of their tech, they also somehow siphon off the energy of an entire star and turn it into a multi-beam weapon. Off the top of my head I can't think of many comparable Star Trek feats. But regardless, in ship to ship combat I'd give it to Star Trek most of the time thanks to their improved shields.

Perhaps if we get more information about the shields in 8 that might change.

Yes, Q can wipe the floor with the entire Star Wars Universe and you want to ignore the highest card in Star Trek's deck?

Also, you are forgetting Star Trek's ingenuiety, how many times have Scotty, Spock or La Forge came up with game changing plans?

What about the Borg? The Founders? Genetically evolved humans? The Breen? The Foundation? The Caretakers? The telepathic Betazoids? The Prophets?

Don't just ignore the most powerful guys, because it gives you an answer you don't want.

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