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It's not interesting. I'm just bored of having the same conversation again and again.

Superman is not the most popular character on the board. We have people who actually go around saying that they like Thor, because 'they can relate to him'. They actually think if they were a superhero, they would be a god, heir to an immortal realm, with uncanny strength and fighting prowess, who all the ladies lust after, despite their not be any workable sewage facility in Asgard. 

I need you to grab a paper bag. Go on scoot, any one will do, this message will still be here for you when you get back. You're old enough now, I need to have a few words with you.

No, not that kind of bag, I specifically said paper bag, not a plastic bag, go on get a better one.

Good, that's better, ok start breathing into it now, until you get a rhythm, that's good, breathe in, then out, excellent.

Ok, it's like this. Thor and Superman aren't real Zvelf. Yeah, sorry about that.

Say again? Yeah the Easter Bunny is real, yeah so is Jesus and Santa. Yeah man, whatever.

Ok, so the Spiderman fight against Firelord? Yeah, that was actually published in Spiderman's own comic series. Yeah, Firelord has never had his own comic. The whole point of that arc, was that Spiderman wasn't supposed to have a chance, it's pretty much all over the issue. Yeah, I know Firelord has Unearthly body armour, but they don't roll dice when creating the comic.

Ok, so in order to establish a comic, it needs a writer and then editorial approval. When it's a crosssover, both parties have to be happy. It's great that on a given day some writer may have a different opinion, when he gets the editors and the publisher to commit to a comic of his interpretation I'll read it.

You see there's been not many published crossovers in our time. The whole point of them, is that when they show clear winners, that's what they are both agreeing to. Now, in these times, they can't make the loser be completelyone sided. They put in a few comments, but yeah:

1) Superman knocked out Thor
2) It took 2 to 5 Avengers AFTER this to drop Superman
3) Superman and Thor got up at the same time to fight Krona, which means Superman was on his feet quicker than Thor.
4) Superman was the last man standing

This pretty much solidifies that Superman is the most powerful hero.

Also, Superman took down Quasar and then pretty much one punched Wonder Man straight after.

DC and Marvel had no intention of doing another fight. What would be the point? Are they just going to do series of Thor getting beat down all the time? What's the point of that?

You will be ok, my friend, once you're ready, put the paper bag down.

He does make a point regarding your straw man.  No one has ever said that Superman did not beat Thor.  What has ever been argued is that:1. It was not an easy victory.2. It  could have just as easily gone the other way.3. The fight did not show either to be overall superior to the other.All three are supported by evidence.  Anthony Joshua knocked out Wladimir Klitschko.  Does that mean that Joshua is a class above? Clearly not.  When hard hitting heavyweights fight, both are in jeopardy of going down at any moment.It's interesting that it seems that a lot of Superman fans tend to think so low of him as a character that they feel that he is nothing if he can't casually beat everyone.