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          Some of you believe that Thor Lightning bolts- like the one he struck the Hulk and Gorr with (see above) will have relatively a very insignificant effect on Black Adam? Moreover, why are some you guys so incredibly amazed at Black Adam's ability to battle many foes at the same time when going all out? Didn't Thor do the same in Blood And Thunder when he was no longer holding back? Remember, that Thor is a warrior with considerable experience and will quickly adjust to any situation. Also, Thor has many other abilities like yanking someone soul as he did with Loki- if he gets really ticked off, or try to Absorb his foe Mystical energies as he did with the Wrecker once. Recall, that Mjolnir absorbed a significant portion of every Earth Sky Lord's to ressurect Odin and ALL the Asgardians. I truly believe that Black Adam is one of the best foe that is better suited for someone like Thor- as he does not have to hold back at all. I think this bout will be a short one,
          and Black Adam will die a very painful death. Adam' super-speed will be neutralized by Thor's natural ability to see things going at extreme velocity. MJOLNIR gives Thor just too much advantage when swinging it at super-speed.


          I'm curious, who is the least powerful character do you think can beat Thor 6/10 from DC? Or in marvel for that matter.


        Excellent question. For DC, I think a very well written Darkseid would be hard for Thor or anyone to defeat. Thor lasted literally months fighting Zeus due to Mjolnir's defensive capabilities, but if Darkseid does manage to blast Thor with an Omega beam- he definitely would be in dire trouble. For Marvel, I think Thanos should fall to this category. He's a far much interesting character than Darkseid, but a very significant percentage of his overall powers are not really his; unlike Darkseid. Nonetheless, Thanos is such an Extremely resourceful character that he would surprise even the most powerful of opponents in a fight- including Darkseid. Thanos fight against Odin, Tyrant and Galactus proved this to be the case.

    Interesting, so how powerful do you think Thor is? Significantly more powerful than high end top tiers like Superman?


      As far as Thor vs Black Adam, I think that Thor vs a version of Superman that is not vulnerable to Magic would be much harder fight for him- due to the fact that he has to carefully measure that his attack are not deadly enough for his opponent; whereas BA going all out for the kill will automatically trigger Thor to loose all such restrictions.

    And you think Black Adam can't take hits like that?

I realistically don't think so. I honestly believe that Black Adam may not even survive the first couple of blows. Thor KO Ulik w/o even trying, and kill Block Buster w/o even trying. However, the best example you can find of Thor not holding back was vs Air Walker when he realized he wasn't human, before that Thor's blows were having minimal effect on him- and then with just one single blow he utterly destroyed him. You see, Thor does not attack most enemies as he would attack beings with great power like Galactus, Ego, Surtur, Glory, etc. Can you imagine Thor attacking someone like the Hulk or others the way he went at it against the Celestials or the SA Mangog? Attacking them with pure lightning bolts, god blast, etc. Imagine Thor whirling the hammer at warp speed and hitting the Hulk with it?

Most Marvel writers do not write Thor the way they should- and I don't base my opinions on their writing. Can you imagine Thor standing there and letting the Dark Sentry blast him away in a frntal attack- when a warrior with centuries of battle experience could've so easily use his hammer to block his attack as he did for months vs Zeus and even Odin himself? Does this actually make sense to anyone? It's not like it was an Omega blast by Darkseid that goes all over the place, and Thor would be force to create a vortex around himself for protection right at the nick of time; and if Thor is not fast enough he most definitely be in a world of trouble.

In conclusion, the fight scenario between Thor and Black Adam would go down like this:

Black Adam Mystically sensing the arrival of a new threat that may spoil his plan to kill Captain Marvel once and for all- flies at Mach 5 speed to quickly eradicate this new threat. Thor who just materialized in DC Earth 20 seconds ago by some mysterious power (the Presence) is quickly blindsided by Black Adam deadly attack sending Thor flying though two buildings at super-sonic speed. Practically, an almost stunned Thor realized that this new opponent wants to kill him- for rarely someone would lash out in such a way with this kind of ruthless and deadly force. Thor instantly recall the physical blows of Durok and the Destroyer and sense the very same magnitude of deadly aggression with his attacker. Thor buried under tons of rock extricated himself quickly as he sensed his opponents hovering right above him. Thor screamed at his opponent that this his day of reckoning was at hand for this grave indignity.. Black Adam quickly launches himself at super-speed towards Thor- screaming "DIEEEE!!!!" Thor whirling his hammer with deadly Force at 3 times the speed of sound (he could Mystically whirl the hammer at FTL speed instantly ih he so chooses) is a second away from delivering a deadly blow to his mysterious opponent. However, BA instinctively slow down and try to dodge the blow at the last mili-second, but still got hit by Thor's deadly blow (although not at full force). This sends BA reeling back at super-sonic speed completely stunned against several buildings, with internal bleeding as the blow hit him slightly in the chest. Quickly, Thor grabbed a dazed BA by the leg and does what the Hulk did to Loki in the Avengers movie, and then send him flying towards the sky at super-speed and calls upon a Mega lightning bolt akin to the one he delivered vs Gorr (which should be far more powerful than the one that KO the Hulk with). As the Life less body falls down from high above and finally hits the ground, Thor is left considering if by some strange miracle he's still alive would he kill him; or simply drain him of his Magic, because he's simply too dangerous with the powers he wields.

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