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Subj: Re: So let me get this perfectly straight...
Posted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 at 08:36:52 pm EST (Viewed 272 times)
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      He can try.. Thor can see him coming though- just ask Gladiator (who's a very skilled fighter- btw), and Hyperion. See, you're not bringing anything new to the table that Thor has not seen. Nice try though... If Thor were to send the hammer at warp speed like a missile to track him down and kill him, or simply materialize part of his hammer inside BA's noggin it will be all over for him. Thor has dozens of way he can finish BA. It's just to darn bad BA can't do say the same.

    Gladiator was moving at hyperspeed and keeping up with Thor when Thor had to artificially sped up by Reed Richards to move in a time warp.

Give me a break, a novice like Thunderstrike took the best that Mr. Mohawk could offer (super-speed blows at full force, etc.), and still managed to KO the sucker. Just imagine what an experienced fighter like Beta Ray Bill with Thor's power would've done to him. Also, it doesn't take genious with a 240 IQ to realized that Thor possesses a significant degree of super-speed, and it didn't took someone like Jane Foster to showcase this fact for me. I've always known...

    Gladiator also knocked out Thor in two punches when he used his speed after punting mjolnir across city.

Yes, an Unworthy Gladiator kicking the head of Thor's hammer a mile away made really perfect sense- to set up what came afterwards. That scene was very odd and suspicious to say the least. Gladiator should've broken his leg right then and there, and Thor shouldn't have been KO when Thunderstrike took far more considerable damage than Thor; which made matter even more dubious. However, when Thor took his gloves off he made very quick work of Mr. Bad Hair Day- as was expected..

    Thor had never used mjolnir like that and it's hardly usable here.


      Yes he is.. He has hurt Galactus, defeated Ego, Surtur and even Glory y himself. Your guy would get squash by these Entities simply because he doesn't have the fire power, or do you actually believe that he could equal Thor in power? What Energy Projection (Mystical, Cosmic, etc.), Energy Absorption, increase ANY kind of energy source exponentially, vast control over Elemental/Wheather he possesses that that could hope to equal that of Thors? I believe that you've lost this argument a long time ago, you just don't know it yet.

    So has Black Adam. He has punched through Spectre who is more powerful than all of the above characters combined. He had ripped Amazo's head off who had the power of entire JLA.

So the Spectre wasn't eating his Wheaties that day? I mean, BA did what the gods that gave him a portion of their powers couldn't accomplish. This is what you call bad writing if I've ever seen one. Look, Thor is the actual son of the most powerful Sky-Lord in the MU and an Elder goddess that can take the most powerful attack by the Defenders combined- and not recognize that they even exist. This means that Thor's Life Force is off the scale powerful enough to even obliterate someone considered indestructable made of pure Norm Stone in Durok. Someone who wasn't much affected by Thor's hammer blows. Moreover, Thor's hammer is greatly Enchanted by Odin. This all means that Thor has great innate and external power to back up how powerful he truly is.. BA just can't say the same.

    Unless you think Thor is more powerful than entire JLA or Spectre.

In many respects Thor have accomplished what the entire roster of theJ LA could never hope to do.. hurt Galactus bad enoug that he had to immediately leave the battle field, defeated Surtur, Glory, Ego in less than 10 seconds flat, etc. And Thor accomplish this with power Alone!!! Thor has what the ENTIRE JLA Roster does not possess- vast energy Projection of ALL kinds be it Cosmic, Mystical; vast Energy absorption capabilities; the ability to increase exponentially all kinds of energies(for example increase Thanos Cosmic blast a 100 times); vast Elemental manipulation that was implemented and used to partly explode part of Ego the living Planet; truly vast Spatial capabilities that could literally open doorways or rift in spac/time practically anywhere; Reverse Energy Polarities- like when BRB reversed Ego's energy polarity that made him cry uncle; the hammer used as a Shield to protect or create powerful force fields against attacks that could severely injure or kill any member of the JLA; a hammer powerful enough to hurt Cosmic Etities and even break Celestial armor, and the list goes on and on.. So yes, Thor in many countless ways is much more powerful than the entire JLA roster. The proof cannot be refuted by you or anyone else here. Heck, if you throw in matter manipulation- he also can do this. Can you imagine the strategic advantage of creating a view scream and spying your enemies from a distance w/o been detected? Batman would do Cartwheels..

    So by your logic Adam just rips Thor's head off or punches through him.

    There will be a time when you will realize Thor isn't the only character who has hurt high level characters.

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