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Subj: Re: what are we arguing about?
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      Yes, please look. In that thread, 13 posters (Primetime, Marv, Poltargyst, HMB3, bouken red, bd2999, Oliva, Rehzon, Olorin, Captainidiot, BC, Braugi, and myself) all actively disagreed and debated against motifian/abhijit. Only you and Marvelfan were on his side and Marvelfan discredited himself from the start by stating he believes Superman "is powers of magnitude above Thor" while you just blindly agreed with everything abhijit was saying even as he was being proven wrong on point after point.
    You're just getting awfully personal on this and accusing me of being a sock. Argumentum ad populum again, eh? I dismantled all of your claims along with your cheerleading squad.

So you're admitting that you're a sock. Again, because we are talking about fiction, we are only talking about perception. These characters don't exist in real life in a way we can measure them in an absolute way. They serve the function of a story and the story dictates their power levels, which are in a state of constant flux depending on that story. The best we can do is to determine a mean or mode, and that's a matter of perception. When the vast majority of people perceive one thing and you perceive another, then most likely the fault lies with you.

    In fact you are still salty about that.

No, I am amused you think that when I have repeatedly caught you being deliberately misleading and contradicting yourself.