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Subj: Re: to be fair, most posters would vote that Thor can beat Superman despite Superman ko'ing him.
Posted: Mon Dec 25, 2017 at 08:42:38 am CST (Viewed 326 times)
Reply Subj: Re: to be fair, most posters would vote that Thor can beat Superman despite Superman ko'ing him.
Posted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 at 08:35:21 am CST (Viewed 302 times)


      Nope, the fight showed Thor and Superman to be peers, one in which Superman called Thor one of his toughest opponents ever.
    Except peers don't catch the attack of a peer and knock other out. Thor and Hercules are peers and neither have definitely beaten other.

    Superman has also said Icon has hit him the hardest he has been hit. Not even maybe. And Icom actually broke his hand punching him.

    Does that mean Icon is stronger than Thor? And Thor will break his hand punching Superman?

Marv already dismantled your argument all the way back in January so I'll quote him here from this post, which elaborates much more:

"i tried to explain why it's plenty possible to consider Thor comparable to superman in a direct fight, but since you refuse to take any possibility, despite author intent (both Jurgens and Busiek said that it was possible for Thor to win such a rematch after all) or any range based discussion, under consideration and keep going back to specific occasions cristallizing them as if they were "the rule" just because they happened once, and worse misreading most of them as a one dimensional declaration of superiority, well, i can see when logical discourse fails and is no longer viable. No reason to keep arguing when the arguments are so evidently ill recieved and not wanted."

"Considering what busiek said in the post you yourself linked to, there is quite a bit of quantifying such things when there is no need to do so. and Peers can certainly block a hit from a peer and knock one out, it happens all the time in boxing matches; if two weightlifters who both can benchpress 400kg tried to push each other back, one of them will eventually lose even if they can lift the same amount. It all comes down to condition when peers fight, not lack of potential strenght or power on the side of the fighter. Otherwise the fight would not be necessary and the winner could be declared before they step into the ring. Not only Busiek, but pretty much most authors if pressed would agree that this is a true aspect to consider in comic fights. there is no quantifying it cleanly, it all depends on so many factors."

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