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Subj: Re: So let me get this perfectly straight...
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    Thor was a goner and that was against an aged Gladiator at that.
    Imo Black Adam is tougher and more ruthless than Glads.
    He’s mentally more like an in between of the Sentry & Void with Superman’s strengths and none of his weaknesses. Thor goes down hard Mjolnir, Ax or both.

No, Thor won't hesitate at all to permantly injure him or kill him, when he immediately knows that he's dealing with some rabid foaming at the mouth lunatic. Thor is a warrior with vast combat experience (unlike the manner he's been portrayed by some writers), and he's no Boy Scout like a character that you just mentioned above. Thor brings just too much fire-power to the table. That's why in the scene I described above, the Presence materialized Thor in DC Earth to deal with this Psycho; since in this dopey Universe nobody else has what it takes to get the job done. After Thor gets through with this guy- I'll guarantee you that they'll be calling him Black and Blue Adam, because Thor is gonna break every bone in his body. Thor usually tends to hesitate against a really ticked off Hulk, with this opponent he won't hesitate at all to kill; never mind just defeating him.....