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Subj: Re: There is no team cohesiveness
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    Ikaris and Thena don't particularly like each other.

Does that really matter? They have all known each other for millions of years.

    Gilgamesh basically operates as a standard brick.

Gilgamesh has flight and energy projection (eye beams) that he uses often. He is trained in ancient combats and has called lightning down.

    Makkeri is obsessed with speed so much, he has actually taken a loss on his other powers. He WILL attempt to match Flash speed for speed, which isn't going to help him. This will be similar to the Zum fight.

He is still around class 50 in strength along with that speed.

    Sersi doesn't really have an advantage over Manhunter.

Why not?

    In theory Eternals are high end level beings, in reality they have around Class 25 strength, they are NOT class 100 powerhouses, apart from Gilgamesh and Ultimus, who has never operated with the rest of the team.

Two of the others are around class 50 and Ikaris has a variety of powers.

Gilgamesh is traditionally shown to be a peer of Hercules.

Makkari's body is significantly weaker than the other eternals, he is no where near Class 50. He is no where near Class 20 the default setting for Eternals.

Sersi has transmutation, which Manhunter can counter. He's stronger, faster and is at least the telepath she is is.

Gilgamesh and Ultimus are the muscle. Thena and Ikaris are around Class 25.

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